Which Is Better Cetaphil Lotion Or Cream? (EXPLAINED With EXAMPLES)

Choosing between Cetaphil lotion or the Cetaphil cream can be a bit of a difficult decision. There are some advantages and disadvantages that people need to know about using Cetaphil lotion instead of using the Cetaphil body cream in order to make the right choice for their skin type.

In general, Cetaphil cream is better than Cetaphil lotion. Creams have a thicker consistency in their formulations than lotions, which makes them great for dry to excessively dry skin and normal skin during the harsher winter months. Because Cetaphil creams provide a barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated, they are best for restoring dry to dehydrated, chapped skin and normal skin when you need it the most during the harsher winter months.

There is a valid argument to be made that a lotion or moisturizer is only as good for every occasion, but not everyone will agree with what anyone has suggested as the best, as everyone has different skin types after all.

You might even go so far as to say there isn’t a best one out of the two if you find something else works better for your needs, but it’s worth knowing at least the differences between Cetaphil lotion and the Cetaphil cream so that you can decide which is best personally for you.

Lotions and creams both serve their purpose when it comes to skincare – they hydrate, moisturize and protect the skin surfaces from harsh environmental elements, they nourish and cleanse the skin just like in the shower or bath. 

They also have sun protection options if you find one that has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in it, but whether this is necessary really depends on your lifestyle.

Lotions are designed for everyday use even throughout the hotter months when it can get quite hot and humid outside. While creams are thicker in texture and great for deep moisturizing, they are best during harsh winter weather when skin begins to dry out from cold air inside and outdoors – especially in cooler climates where summers aren’t as hot as other places around the globe.

Both lotions and creams are suitable for all skin types because of their ability to balance oily, combination and dry skin by adding hydration back into the top level of the epidermis and dermis, while also protecting your skin against sun damage to a certain extent.

Cetaphil For Dry Skin Type

When you have a dry skin, you want to use the best body moisturizer for extremely dry skin. CETAPHIL Moisturizing Cream and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion are two popular options among dermatologists for dry skin.  

Overall, Cetaphil cream is better than Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. Creams are thicker in consistency than lotions and provide a barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated. This makes them ideal for dry to excessively dry skin or normal wintertime use on the body, but not necessarily as great when used during warmer months of summer because they can cause residual stickiness from sweat.

If you decide to choose from these moisturizers, you should know what ingredients go into each one and which is better as a whole.

Cetaphil For Oily Skin Type

When choosing a skin moisturizer for oily skin types, there are a couple of Cetaphil options out there for you to use. 

CETAPHIL Daily advanced lotion tend to work so well when combined with Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser which is one popular choice among dermatologists to recommend as your prepping cleanser before applying your lotion to the skin. 

These two products don’t contain oil-free or non-comedogenic ingredients that keep acne at bay.

CETAPHIL GENTLE CLEANSING BAR has oil-free and non-comedogenic ingredients, which makes it a better option if you have oily skin and suffer from breakouts – whether they are due to excess sebum production, stress or hormones.  

Generally speaking, the best Cetaphil moisturizer for those with an oily face is the Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 15 . It 2% salicylic acid which is a great if you’re prone to oily skin.

The Best Cetaphil Moisturizer For Eczema Prone Skin

Eczema-prone skin makes it so difficult to moisturize as it is so sensitive to fragrances as well as other skin irritants. This causes it to become inflamed, which can worsen dermatitis symptoms.

A gentle moisturizer for eczema-prone skin is the Cetaphil Pro-eczema lotion and Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer. These two Cetaphil moisturizers have no fragrance or lanolin and are usually an effective treatment for mild eczema when used on the skin in conjunction with your favorite Eczema Cream.  

CETAPHIL pro eczema Cream and lotion are both designed to have a very low degree of irritation, but some people might be sensitive to the ingredients contained in these products, especially if your skin is already red or overly dry.

 You can also find out what ingredients go into each by reading their respective labels so you know which one will work best for you.

The Best Cetaphil Moisturizer For Combination Skin.

With combination skin, you have to be careful when choosing your skin moisturizer so your oily t-zone doesn’t cause the rest of your face to become dry.

If you want a moisturizer that will keep the entire face hydrated and won’t irritate sensitive areas, Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion is an excellent choice for combination skin. It has no fragrances or lanolin which is what makes it best suited for this skin type.

In general, most Cetaphil moisturizers don’t contain harsh chemicals and fragrances which means they are suitable for all types of skin if used correctly as instructed on their labels by dermatologists. So try out some different ones and see which one works best for you.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Ingredients

Cetaphil moisturizing cream comes with an ingredient list that includes petrolatum, glycerin, and dimethicone. Cetaphil recommends that users should avoid getting the cream in their eyes because it may cause irritation.

Petrolatum – One of the most common petroleum products, petrolatum is used for its moisturizing qualities. However, petrolatum can be potentially carcinogenic and it may clog pores, which can cause pimple breakouts.

Glycerin – Glycerin is a natural emollient that helps to keep skin soft and moist by drawing water from the lower layers of skin to the surface. 

Glycerin is often used in baby wipes because it helps maintain normal pH levels in the skin by slowing down the growth of bacteria on the skin’s surface. 

A study found that glycerin was a good moisturizer for dry, scaly and itchy skin conditions.

Dimethicone – Dimethicone is an anti-foaming agent. It does not clog pores and therefore it will not cause breakouts on the skin. Dimethicone is used as a protection against water loss, which in return makes the skin softer.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Ingredients

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion is your best option if you are looking for a moisturizer without mineral oil, you can choose from the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion which is option. 

The ingredients used are water, glycerin, ceteareth-20, and octyldodecanol. It also contains panthenol (provitamin B5), vitamin E and carbomer 940. These ingredients work as emollients to keep your skin hydrated. Carbomer 940 helps thicken the formula of the lotion.

Water – The Water in Cetaphil lotion is the first ingredient listed just like in most moisturizers. It can account for as much as 50 percent of a moisturizer’s content.   

Glycerin – Glycerin is a natural emollient that helps to keep skin soft and moist by drawing water from the lower layers of skin to the surface.

Glycerin is often used in baby wipes because it helps maintain normal pH levels in the skin by slowing down the growth of bacteria on the skin’s surface. 

A study found that glycerin was a good moisturizer for dry, scaly, and itchy skin conditions.

Ceteareth-20 – This is an emollient and surfactant (detergent). It helps your skin to retain moisture by preventing water evaporation from the top layers of your skin. Ceteareth-20 can also cause acne breakouts due to clogged pores.

Octyldodecanol – An emollient belonging to this group makes a humectant like glycol work better since it slows down its evaporation from the skin surface. It can cause acne breakouts by clogging pores.

Panthenol (provitamin B5) – Panthenol is a common ingredient in moisturizers that helps retain moisture, soothes dryness and relieves itching associated with dry skin.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E works primarily to protect cell membranes from free radical damage. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons, which makes them unstable and highly reactive. 

Unsaturated vegetable oils are especially rich sources of vitamin E. In fact, if you eat a lot of vegetables you may already be getting more than enough vitamin E without even trying to get it as a or through your skin products; some evidence even suggests that taking vitamin E supplements can be bad for your skin health.

Carbomer 940 – Carbomer is a gel-like thickening agent which helps keep the cream from separating into different layers and provides a smooth feel once applied to the face or body.

Clinical Trials for Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

The manufacturer of this product, Galderma Laboratories claims that it is clinically proven to moisturize dry skin for 24 hours. It also adds that the formula does not contain any alcohols, fragrances, masking agents or dyes.  

 In 2004, Consumerlab conducted an independent test on the product’s ability to moisturize dry skin, and they found that there was no improvement at all in the participants’ skin hydration.

What Is The Difference Between Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream And Lotion?

When you compare Cetaphil moisturizing cream with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

In general, the main difference between Cetaphil moisturizing cream and lotion is their formulation consistency. The Cetaphil moisturizing cream is thicker in consistency than the Cetaphil lotion. The moisturizing lotion is a lightweight version of the Cetaphil cream, best suited for use in the summer or warmer regions.

Still, there are also other key differentiating factors between Cetaphil lotion and cream. The creams are more concentrated and it takes less quantity to moisturize the skin. The lotion is dispensed in a pump top bottle, while the cream is applied using your fingers.

Both of these Cetaphil products can be used on face, body and hands – you cannot use just one of them on any part of your body. As stated earlier, both work effectively as emollients; however, the best time for using each product differs significantly. 

You should apply Cetaphil moisturizing cream when your skin requires an extra dose of moisture, like after bathing or showering or before going to bed at night. On the other hand, you may use Cetaphil moisturizing lotion any time of day since it is not as heavy as the cream.

What Is Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Made Of?

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion contains purified water and glycerin among other ingredients. Purified water helps to rehydrate your skin by restoring lost moisture, while glycerin acts as a humectant, which means it draws moisture from the air into the deeper layers of your skin, keeping the outer layer moist.

It also seals in moisture by preventing evaporation from the topmost layer of your skin. Other key ingredients that work together to provide emolliency are ceteareth-20 and octyldodecanol – both belonging to group make a humectant-surfactant combination that enhances the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion has been dermatologist tested for safety, even on sensitive skin; however, if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin you may wish to use a more emollient cream instead of a lotion.

This is because Cetaphil moisturizing lotion contains fewer emollients than the moisturizing cream which means it may not keep your skin as hydrated as needed.  

 Another factor to consider when choosing which product to purchase is the climate in which you live and work. 

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion should be useful for humid or aquatic environments (and also hot climates), but not so much for extremely cold or dry climates because the product contains less emollients than cream.

Using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream And Lotion On Your Body And Face.

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion is considered more useful during the hot summer months, while Cetaphil moisturizing cream provides more intensive moisture in colder seasons when harsh winds and sub-zero temperatures can dehydrate even a normal skin type.

When you use the products on your face, it’s all about finding what works best for you. You may be used to applying moisturizer as a first step after cleansing and toning your face – if that has been working well for you, then stick with it. However, you may also find that applying a moisturizer before cleansing is more effective for you.

Aside from Cetaphil lotion and cream, other products to try include Cerave Moisturizing Cream, Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer With Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Face Milk and Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion.

Price And Where To Buy Cetaphil Lotion And Cream

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion comes in a variety of sizes so there should be an option available to fit your budget as well as product volume preferences.

Choose between single bottles (one-ounce size), twin packs (two 8oz bottles) or triple packs (three 8 oz bottles).   

Prices may vary by store and where you purchase the product – for example, Walmart sells Cetaphil moisturizing lotion at low prices per 8-oz bottle when purchased online or offline. 

At the same time, Amazon charges slightly more per product. Cetaphil products are also available in most local pharmacies, department stores, and supermarkets.

Brand And Other Products To Try

Cetaphil is known for its extensive line of skincare products suitable for all skin types: from infants to adults and even those most sensitive to common irritants like perfumes and dyes.   

Their moisturizing cream comes in a variety of scents such as lavender, which is often preferred by women who have been told that their skin produces too much oil.

Cetaphil also offers cleansing wipes and a lightweight moisturizing lotion containing 5% dimethicone, ideal for wearing under makeup to prevent clogged pores and other forms of acne.   

Cetaphil Daily Moisturizing Lotion

The Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion is ideal for those with chronically dry and chapped skin in need of instant moisturization.

Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion is formulated with glycerin, a humectant that attracts and retains moisture for the skin. 

It also contains ceteareth-20 and octyldodecanol, two emollient ingredients that work to lubricate and protect dry skin. These emollients are also responsible for leaving your skin feeling soft after each application of Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion.

Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion can be used to hydrate face and body skin – simply apply it before dressing in the AM or as directed by your physician or dermatologist.

Wonderful Scent And Non-Greasy Feeling On Skin

Customers who use Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion appreciate the wonderful scent of the product, and most would recommend it to others.   

They also note that Cetaphil’s moisturizer leaves their skin feeling soft, non-greasy and smooth after application.

Cetaphil Daily Moisturizing Lotion is available in a 16 fluid ounce (473 ml) bottle of lightly fragranced body and face lotion.

Cetaphil Restoring Lotion.

If you are looking for the best body moisturizer for very dry skin, Cetaphil restoring lotion is worth a try.

Cetaphil restoring lotion contains 0.5% glycerine, an ingredient that attracts moisture to dry or damaged skin. It also contains cetyl alcohol and propylene glycol, two emollients that help lock in moisture for the skin while helping it retain its flexibility and elasticity. 

You will love the Potent antioxidants, Niacinamides, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E available in the Cetaphil restoring lotion as it improves the skin’s suppleness and appearance.

Cetaphil Restoring Lotion restores the moisture and suppleness of skin without clogging pores or irritating the skin, making this one of the best body moisturizers for your needs.

Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion is recommended to keep oil production at bay and hydrate your skin effectively if you have truly dry skin.  

 If you are looking for an all-over facial and body moisturizer that can effectively protect against environmental damage, consider using Cetaphil restoring lotion instead.  

The rest of the ingredients found in Cetaphil restoring lotion are added as preservatives and stabilizers to help keep the product free from contaminants like bacteria and fungi that may lead to infection.

Cetaphil Restoring Lotion is available at most pharmacies and department stores where Cetaphil skincare products are sold; purchase online via Walgreens for convenience and savings.

Cetaphil Pro Eczema Moisturizing Lotion.

For anyone struggling with eczema, Cetaphil Pro eczema moisturizing lotion is an excellent choice for daily moisturization.

Cetaphil Pro eczema moisturizing lotion was designed to restore dry and sensitive skin’s natural protective function and help improve its texture while preventing future outbreaks.   

This product also contains ingredients that offer a layer of non-irritating protection against allergens and irritants which can worsen or trigger a flare-up of eczema, such as fragrance, lanolin and even some essential oils.

Cetaphil pro eczema moisturizing lotion is available in a 16 fluid ounce (473 ml) bottle containing cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerin, and other emollients that keep your skin feeling supple and hydrated during eczema outbreaks.

Cetaphil Lotion vs Cream Which One To Buy?

Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion can be used by those with very dry, damaged or irritated skin as a daily moisturization solution that works great under makeup and sunscreen applications.

And thats because Cetaphil does not clog the pores like other products containing mineral oil (petroleum jelly) can do.  

 For Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion users who want to experience the benefits of an emollient-rich formula specifically for wintertime, consider using Cetaphil restoring lotion instead.   

This product contains a higher concentration of glycerine than Cetaphil’s basic daily moisturizing lotion, and is designed to be more replenishing in colder months when the skin needs added hydration.  

Cetaphil restoring lotion also contains cetyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol that helps lock in moisture for the skin while helping it retain its flexibility and elasticity. 

Another ingredient of Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion is glycerin, an emollient known for attracting moisture to dry or damaged skin. This mixture of ingredients keeps your skin feeling soft and supple all day long.

People with eczema often look for products with very few or no dyes (fragrances) as these can cause flare-ups in some. Those struggling with psoriasis also often avoid fragrances and oils as they can exacerbate the condition. 

Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion is fragrance-free and approved for sensitive skin, making it a great option for those struggling with psoriasis or other forms of eczema.

Who Should Not Use Cetaphil Cream?

Even though Cetaphil cream is considered safe, some users may still experience mild reactions like dryness and itchiness. These are most likely caused by personal preference or other ingredients found in the product, especially if you have never used it before.   

Before using any product for the first time, perform a patch test on your inner forearm as instructed by the manufacturer.

Cetaphil cream is also not suitable for children under two years of age – talk to your pediatrician before using this moisturizing lotion on kids or infants.

If you are concerned about which moisturizer to use after cleansing and toning, stick with what you have been doing if it has been working for you.

However, if applying a moisturizer before cleansing seems like a more effective way to hydrate skin, then consider trying Cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion or cream. It’s also important that you know how your skin will react to these products.

As you now begin to make up your mind on whether to go for the Cetaphil cream or lotion, the first thing that makes choosing between the Cetaphil lotion or cream difficult is the lack of difference in ingredients.

If there wasn’t any difference, why would people buy both? An ingredient common to both products is petrolatum. It protects and softens your skin through an occlusive barrier on your top layer of skin. 

There are also differences between each product such as cetyl alcohol, which gives it hydrating properties, and glycerin, which makes it more moisturizing.

The next thing that might make you lean towards one product is the price difference. One container of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is around the price of Starbucks coffee and a jar of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is around two mugs of Starbucks coffee, but they are different sizes.

When deciding between the cream or lotion for extremely dry skin, look at how often you buy body moisturizers. If you are someone who has a lot of dry skin, go for the cream because it is more hydrating and will last longer. 

You might want to choose the lotion if you only go through a jar every two months or so and love having something lighter to put on your skin.

As a whole, if you are looking for long-lasting hydration, go with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. The thickness makes it an ideal choice for people who have severely dry skin and need extra nourishment in between washes. 

A thinner formula would be better for normal levels of dryness over long periods of time. 

Cetaphil cream is not as versatile in that it can be used on different areas of the body. Still, lotion can usually only be used on the face (for all types) and body – so you might find yourself using two separate products if you have more than one area of concern when it comes to your skin. 

However, Cetaphil lotion is less expensive than Cetaphil cream so you should try to use it where it counts if possible.

Suppose you want something lightweight for oily and/or combination skin. In that case, a moisturizing lotion is more suitable than a cream (the Cetaphil lotion would be ideal for you). They contain less oil and emollients and are much easier to apply for momentary relief dry skin conditions.

If you have sensitive skin or your skin is easily irritated, then using a non-comedogenic moisturizer will help prevent any breakouts from occurring on the surface of the epidermis. 

All Cetaphil products are non-comedogenic so you can use them without having to worry about your pores getting clogged up with excess oil that’s difficult to remove.

While both these Cetaphil products are manufactured for everyday skincare needs, it’s clear that just most other things in life – you get what you pay for. 

If you are looking for a product that will hydrate your skin while living up to its claims of being gentle, non-irritating and fragrance-free, then go with the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.

However, suppose you’re on a budget or don’t like thick creams and/or have dry skin that needs more than just momentary relief. 

In that case, they may want to go with the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion – which is still an incredibly effective moisturizer despite having less ingredients than its counterpart.


If you’re looking for a product to use on your face or body, the moisturizing cream will probably be best suited if you have dry skin in cold climates, while the lighter moisturizing lotion may work better during the humid hot seasons. 

If you live in a climate where it’s generally hot all year round, you might want to try either one out and see which works best for you.

An additional resource in this regard would be the official website for Cetaphil, cetaphil.com. I hope I’ve provided enough information for you to make an informed decision about your purchase! 

Thank you for reading! If this post has been helpful to you, please consider sharing it with someone who is also looking to buy.

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