Is Cerave Cruelty Free? (Explained With Best Alternative In 2021)

Cerave skincare product’s popularity has led many consumers who are passionate about animal welfare to find out if their beloved skincare brand(Cerave) is cruelty-free.

In general, Cerave is not cruelty-free. Cerave products manufactured in the USA and UK for sale in China and other countries are subject to laboratory animal testing to meet requirements for entering the Chinese market where innocent animals are subjected to animal cruelty by third parties.

While the parent brand and the Cerave manufacturing of their products meets cruelty-free status outside of China, skincare brands selling Cerave owned product lines in China undermine their cruelty-free skincare brands status. 

When any cosmetic brand lets countries like china have Cerave products tested on animals against Cerave claims, it undermines all animal testing policies in place.

Why Cerave Skincare Products?

There are plenty of good reasons why many people choose to use this French cosmetics company products despite Cerave’s products being a skincare brand that is not free from animal cruelty.

Repairs Compromised Skin Barrier.

Cerave’s moisturizing cream helps repair compromised skin barriers for both babies and adults.

Cerave Is Perfect Product For Sensitive Skin

Cerave is a great product for people with sensitive skin, especially those who want to make sure that their cosmetic products do not contain harmful chemicals like dyes and fragrances.

Cerave Is Non-Comedogenic/Oil-Free and Won’t Clog Pores.

Cerave is non-comedogenic which is why it is perfect for all skin types because it will moisturize without clogging pores. It’s also a good choice as an everyday moisturizer for oily skin or may be used after you remove your makeup so you can lock in moisture before going to bed.

But, if you are not impressed with Cerave’s products cruelty practices, I have a Detailed Guide on Cruelty-Free Brands To Use Instead of Cerave Skincare Products.

Cerave Cruelty Free Credentials.

Cerave cruelty-free claims and credentials wouldn’t go without mentioning what this cosmetics industry giant say about their is Cerave cruelty-free?

Cerave is owned by the French company, L’Oreal that is still subjecting animal to harmful tests for cosmetic products while claiming that their other brands are cruelty-free.

L’Oreal is NOT Cruelty-Free!

As much as Cerave’s products are well-loved for repairing dry skin rapidly, it’s getting more difficult daily to ignore post after post being published on how popular brands like it and others like Boots Botanics is not cruelty-free.

In these publications, you also learn of Superdrug’s Doctor Organic skincare line is not cruelty-free. Both of these companies are subsidiaries of L’oreal.

So if you wouldn’t want any product from them because they’re not cruelty-free, as Boots Botanics is now under its parent brand, Revlon which is STILL testing beauty products on innocent animals. Now

Is Cerave Vegan?

The popularity of natural ingredients for use by beauty brands makes many consumers wonder if Cerave is vegan.

In general, Cerave is not vegan. They set their goals of Cerave becoming vegetarian in 2021; however, Cerave vegetarian status is still not realized yet as some of their products still use animal-based ingredients.

In a nutshell, Cerave is Not Cruelty-Free and is NOT Vegan!

As much as Cerave is a skincare brand committed to practicing safe alternative methods of research for its products, Cerave’s cruelty-free credentials are still under scrutiny.

Thus, is Cerave vegan is a question that I get asked daily from consumers passionate about being animal-free cruelty-free, and vegan in general.

While most consumers are now turning more to natural ingredient makeup brands because of their increasing popularity among makeup enthusiasts, some continue to hesitate due to the not-so-easy availability of excellent (not tested on animals) products.

This is why it’s important to know if your favorite beauty brands are truly cruelty-free and vegan.

 Is Cerave Gluten-Free?

While other consumers are looking at whether Cerave is animal cruelty-free, another is wondering if Cerave is a gluten-free skincare brand.

Overall, Cerave is not gluten-free. They may contain traces of gluten though any plant based ingredients Cerave skincare products are highly refined to eliminate gluten; chances for traces of gluten being found is Cerave skincare products is possible.

A Brief Overview of Gluten

Gluten is a protein found in food items made from wheat, rye, and barley. While some people have no issues ingesting foods containing gluten, there are those who cannot consume these products due to intolerance or allergy.

For this group of people, is Cerave gluten-free is important because the skincare brand has many products containing ingredients derived from plants and fruits which as discussed earlier would be perfect for them.

Is Cerave Skin Care Products Free From Parabens?

While parabens is not one of the top priorities on your list of considerations in choosing skincare brands you want to use, knowing if Cerave skincare products are free from parabens is important too as these preservatives are known to cause skin allergies.

Having said that, questioning Cerave’s safety is highly prioritized by consumers worldwide because of the lip balm controversy where a leading consumer advocacy group targeted L’oreal for containing harmful chemicals in one of its brands.

Is Cerave Non Comedogenic?

Non-clogging products are the most sought-after for many consumers who worry about acne breakouts caused by non-comedogenic products. No wonder that if you are looking at Cerave skincare products, you want to know whether Cerave is a non-comedogenic skincare brand.

In general, Cerave is a non-comedogenic skincare line. Their face washes, moisturizers, and sunscreens will not clog your pores or block hair follicles, triggering acne flare-ups. 

As with other L’oreal skincare products like the Superior Preference range by L’oreal Paris, this is also true to Cerave’s moisturizers and cleansers.

The comedogenicity is tested against ingredients used in each of the skincare brand’s products and is proven to be non-comedogenic without any harmful chemicals that may cause breakouts.

However, there are particular instances where certain individuals might experience adverse reactions, especially if Cerave paraben-free is not indicated on product labels. What is even more alarming is that some consumers have claimed allergic reactions from using L’oreal Paris Excellence Cream.

For these reasons, should you happen to experience adverse reactions is is best to contact your dermatologist and ask for a professional’s advice on whether Cerave is safe to use.

Animal Derived Ingredients Explained.

Understanding what ingredients go into your skincare is vital, some are plant-based while others are animal deliver skincare ingredients. But, what does it mean when a skincare brand claims to be cruelty-free when it is using animal-derived ingredients in its products?

This is the question surrounding Cerave’s cruelty-free status. While the skincare brand is naturally derived or plant-based skincare products, some of its formulations contain ingredients that come from animals, including beeswax and lanolin.

It is important to remember that Cerave is not an animal testing brand and is not a cruelty-free company. They are simply using ingredients with origins from animal sources in their products and many cosmetic dermatologists who highly recommend Cerave believe these ingredients provide beneficial benefits to users.

Animal Testing Policies Explained.

As with animal testing policies, skincare brands hardly make it easy for consumers to understand whether they have water-tight animal testing policies in place to avoid animal testing of any kind.

The same is true for Cerave skincare products and their animal testing policies.

Their official website is not very transparent in this aspect and is particularly vague about questions like, is Cerave cruelty free so consumers are left on an information-seeking journey trying to piece everything together.

But, if you look up the ingredients of each product online, which is why it is important to always refer back to the product label while shopping, then it is clear that some ingredients used by the company come from animals.

This means that while they do not test their finished products on animals or pay someone else to test for them, they still use animal-derived ingredients in their formulations.

Overall, Cerave is not Cruelty-Free. They use beeswax and lanolin, which are both animal-derived skincare ingredients. While pre and post market animal testing is not happening outside of China, their use of animal-derived ingredients means Cerave is not cruelty-free and vegan.

Is Cerave Sold In China?

While the Chinese market continues to grow, it is fast becoming impossible for brands like Cerave to stay out. That’s why many of you have been wondering if Cerave is sold in China.

In general, Cerave skincare products are sold in China. While there is no official list of countries where they are sold, their skincare products are easily available online.

As for whether Cerave is sold in China, the answer is yes. Online retailers like Amazon and Ulta sell the brand’s skincare items to Chinese consumers.

Cerave is a trusted name in skincare with a moisturizing foundation that is gentle on skin types prone to acne breakouts and dryness. 

This, combined with its large product range is why it is one of many brands dermatologists recommend for those struggling with sensitive skin or dryness issues.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Cerave cruelty-free, consider buying from local stores or another well-known skincare brand like The Body Shop. They are a certified cruelty-free and vegan company that many consumers around the world trust.


While Cerave is not a cruelty-free or a vegan brand, I recommend doing a patch test on any new skincare product you buy. Or, at the very least, consulting your dermatologist before switching to another skincare product to avoid adverse reactions is key.

A quick overview of the ingredients used in creating Cerave products is a clear indication that they are safe to use—from the moisturizers down to the lip balms despite not being cruelty-free and vegan.

Consumers with sensitive skin types should perform patch testing first before using any product, as this could help identify if you may be allergic.

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