How long does it take for the Amaira to work?

How long does it take for the Amaira to work?

Amaira natural lightening serum makes use of organic and natural ingredients only, it does not have any chemicals or harsh ingredients like perfumes or parabens. In its formula, it has herbal extracts that help to whiten the skin. But how long does it take for Amaira skin lightening serum to work?

1-2 weeks is how long it takes for Amaira serum to work. Visible skin lightening from when you start using Amaira natural lightening serum should start being seen. In the long term, finding the underlying causes of the dark spots or patches of skin discorolation should allow you to figure out your long term skin lightening care plan. 

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Bleaching Cream for Private Areas - Skin Bleach Whitening Sensitive Spots for Women - Gentle Kojic Acid Dark Inner Thigh & Privates Brightening (1.7oz)

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  • Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Bleaching Cream for private areas, women & men. Hydroquinone free skin lightening. Safe brightening for inner thigh, underarm and face.
  • 50ml Serum Bottle. Uses kojic acid from Japanese mushrooms and glycolic acid from sugar cane. Tighten the skin from the inside for an effective lightening cream process.
  • Our effective skin bleaching cream lets you safely and discreetly treat in the comfort of your own home.
  • Lighten and fade dark spots, discoloration, scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones, melisma, sunspots and more.
  • Follow instructions carefully to avoid skin irritation and increase your confidence with cleaner, more even skin. Order Now.

Though Amaira natural lightening serum works within a week to two weeks, long term success in fading dark skin or discoloration can take time. 

Most Amaira natural lightening serum user reported that the mojority of visible spots that were only a few shades darker than their normal skin took between 6 to 12 months to fade off

While Amaira natural lightening serum is an effective skin lightener, for color and skin tones that lies deep in your skin, should not be expected to somehow just disappear at the flick of a finger. 

Because Amaira natural lightening serum works wonders when used consistently, fading the dark patches of your inner thighs and the most intimate areas can take years. According to AAD, if your discoloration lies deep in the skin is often slate blue to gray in color.

The amaira can be used for areas such as the nipples, underarms, genitals, inner thighs, and all other dark areas on your body.

The amaira does not take very long to show results, the average for it to start showing results is 6 weeks, however some people may see the results in as early as two weeks of using the product.

Some people may also notice the results later than 6 weeks. How long the results take to start showing will also depend on how regularly you use the serum as well as the severity of the condition on area that you are treating.

This natural serum can also be used to treat conditions like sunspots, birthmarks, scars, freckles and all other hyperpigmentation on the skin.

The serum is considered as one of the best because of its safety for the skin, it does not include harsh ingredients like parabens, fragrances, hydroquinone and other chemicals that may cause harm to the body.

The natural ingredients in its formula also help in reducing aging on the skin as well as rejuvenating it. It also has a formula that is suitable for use on all skin types, it can be used on the face as well as on the body.

Amaira Lightening Serum Features:

  • Suitable for all skin types, can be used by men and women
  • Used on sensitive areas like underarms, inner thighs, vagina, scrotum, nipples and penis
  • Free of harsh ingredients like fragrances, parabens and hydroquinone
  • Comes in 1 fl oz bottle

How to use the amaira intimate lightening serum

The amaira natural lightening serum has a very gentle formula. This makes the serum suitable for sensitive skin. The product also has the ability to help your skin improve as time goes.

The serum can be used two times a day for at least 6 to 8 weeks. It will brighten and lighten up your skin within a short period of time. How fast it lightens up your skin also depends on the tone, if you have dark skin, it will take a little linger for it to brighten up.

Before you apply the serum, first exfoliate the skin using a cleanser and ensure that it is well dried using a towel.

To use the serum, start by doing a patch test first just to be sure of how your ski n reacts to it. Then apply small amounts of the serum every single day. If your skin is very sensitive you can mix the serum with a moisturizer.

After 6 weeks you will be able to notice changes in your skin. The serum should be applied in the morning and in the evening using the same steps. Do not forget to use a moisturizer after applying the serum.

The serum can also increase the sensitivity of your skin to the sun, therefore always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum side effects

The amaira serum does not have a lot of side effects and most of the side effects that it has are not that severe as compared to other products, this is because it has a safe and natural formula.

However, just to be sure, make sure you start by doing a patch test before you use the product in case you have allergies to some of the ingredients. You should only continue using the serum if you are not having any itchiness or irritations after the patch test.

Some of the side effects of using the amaira serum include: Itchiness, dryness, irritation and increased sensitivity to the sun which may all further damage your skin. These side effects can be easily delt with by using a moisturizer and applying a sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF.

Before you apply any products, you should first ensure that the serum has been completely absorbed by your skin. This serum should not be used on skin that is broken, on open wound, waxed areas and should not be used by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

You should also avoid using the serum after you have just roughly exfoliated your skin in order to prevent skin damage

How does the amaira skin lightening serum work?

The amaira serum works by limiting the production if melanin, it will inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for producing melanin. Melanin is a byproduct that determines the color of your skin, therefore if its production is inhibited, the skin starts to lighten up.

There are a lot of things that can cause your skin to becomes damaged: injuries, acne as well as exposure to the sun are some of the things that can damage your skin.

Usually, when the skin is damaged, a lot of melanin is produced causing the skin to become damaged. Hence when this melanin production is slowed down, the amaira serum can effectively work to reduce the darkness on the skin. It contains ingredients that work together to lighten up the skin while rejuvenating and repairing it at the same time.

The ingredients of the amaira skin lightening serum

The amaira contains the following ingredients to ensure that it effectively lightens up your skin:

  • Irish Moss: this ingredient has a lot of antiaging benefits for the skin, it will help to make your skin look younger by boosting the production of collagen, it also makes your skin more elastic.
  • Field Dock Extract: The field dock extract is there to help in getting rid of blemishes as well as reducing age spots on the skin. This ingredient also helps in slowing down the production of melanin thereby ensuring that the lightening ingredients work effectively.
  • Niacinamide: This is also known as vitamin B3. Niacinamide helps in making your skin tine even, it also works by ensuring that your pores on the skin are not enlarged. Vitamin B3 will help to deal with dullness as well as reduce skin damage that can be caused by heat as well as light.
  • Kojic acid: this ingredient is used to lighten the skin; it is a very safe ingredient and comes from Japanese mushrooms. In this formula, the ingredient works as a replacement of hydroquinone.
  • Licorice Extract: This is an antioxidant; therefore, it works to protect the skin form being damaged by free radicles and other environmental stressors. It also helps in reducing the discoloration on the skin. Licorice extract also reduces age spots and acne blemishes. It will also help in balancing oils on the skin.
  • Mulberry Extract: the mulberry extract has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help to keep the skin healthy and safe from damage. It also helps in reducing the production melanin by inhibiting tyrosine.
  • Bearberry Extract: This is extracted from the bearberry plant. The bearberry extract helps to inhibit the production of melanin by making use of a certain compound that is available in the extract. The ingredient greatly helps in improving the skins complexion.


  • The serum contains natural ingredients in its formula
  • It can be used on intimate areas
  • Can be used to remove age spots, freckles and other forms of discoloration
  • Good packaging that ensures that the ingredients last long


  • Expensive

Is the amaira skin lightening serum worth it?

Although the amaira skin lightening serum does not come at a very affordable price, the effects of the using the serum makes it worth considering getting the serum. The serum is also very safe to use on all skin types, it can also be used on sensitive skin, therefore it is worth it to give this product a try, furthermore, it is free of harsh ingredients such as hydroquinone.

It is also a cheaper option than using laser treatments that may be quite expensive. The amaira also has a money back guarantee so that you can get your money back when no results are noticed.

The serum only takes a few weeks to show visible results, the results start to appear at least 6 weeks after you have started using the serum, the results that it provides also last a very long time.

Amaira Lightening Serum Conclusion

The amaira lightening serum is known as one of the safest serums that is available on the market. The serum can be used for intimate areas and its formula is made up of natural ingredients only.

The formula is free of hydroquinone and other harsh chemicals. It works very well to perfect all the discoloration on your skin.

The formula is also fragrance free. It is suitable for use on all skin types and can be used by both men and women. Although the serum might be safe to use even on delicate skin, ensure that you always do a patch test first before you use on a larger area.

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