Quick Proven Hacks To Lighten Inner Thighs And Intimate Areas.

How can i lighten my imtimate areas?

Lightening intimate areas is a new phenomenon even though it’s normal for the skin in the intimate areas to begin darkening over time. However the growing trend today shows how intimate area lighting is off the roof. so, if your inner thighs are getting darker and it’s making you feel bad or affecting your self-esteem, you should lighten your inner thighs and buttocks using hydroquinone gels(AVAILABLE ON AMAZON). While there are good skin lightening products on the market, it takes time to lighten up your skin. No wonder that regardless of the cause, both black skin and white skin types are turning earth upside down to lighten their intimate areas.

Fortunately, there are options you can explore and you adopt in your skincare routine to lighten Intimate areas.

You can lighten intimate areas by using lightening creams, visiting a specialized clinic where you undergo a lightening process or simply using home remedies that have been used by some other people and skin experts for the same purpose. What you choose to use between the two is entirely up to you.


Why do intimate areas get Dark?

In order to be able to lighten your intimate areas, it is important to understand what contributes to intimate area dark skin tone.

There are a number of factors that may contribute to darkening of intimate areas. We will look at the most common ones.

Hair and skin cells color are formed by a pigment known as melanocyte. Often times melanin production is regulated by testosterone and estrogen which increase at the beginning of adolescence.

An increase in these hormones greatly contribute to darkening of intimate areas. In other words, age influences darkening of intimate areas.

Friction also contributes to darkening of skin tone. Unlike other body parts, we always cover up our intimate areas with multiple layers of clothing.

Friction makes the skin thicker resulting a darker skin tone. Negligence also plays a part as we do not allow our intimate areas to breathe like the rest of our body.

This brings us to the other reason why our intimate areas tend to darken. Since our intimate areas are always covered up even during sleep, lack of ventilation for the intimate areas causes the skin to change color thereby darkening overtime.

The covering up does not only cause friction nor block ventilation. It also increases sweating. Sweat contains salts and waste products that is gotten rid of through the skin. More sweating equals more .

waste which directly influences color change as wastes build-up.Hygiene is very important, however overdoing things like shaving can darken your intimate areas.

When you shave there are irritations that are associated with the shaver, shaving creams and lotions that you may use. If these irritations go on continuously the intimate areas are prone to becoming darker.

Most of us struggle with dark skin in our intimate areas because of the reasons that have been outlined above.

As mentioned earlier, civilization has provided us with ways on how we can permanently lighten our intimate areas. Scroll a bit further to understand what you should do and how best you can go about it.

How to lighten intimate areas

A thousand years ago this would have probably sounded like a taboo, but here we are today flooded with solutions of almost every problem including lightening intimate .

1) Wear(buy) the right size of underwear

You read that alright.The first simple and direct way to lighten intimate areas is to try as much as possible to wear clothes that fit properly. This is especially true for underwear.

It facilitates better airflow as the skin is sufficiently allowed to breathe. The more exposure to fresh air the better your skin tone lightens. It also reduces moisture which contributes to intimate darkening.

2) Intimate lightening

Involves using natural compounds and ingredients like fruit extracts to lighten the intimate area.

This is done by trained personnel for long-term noticeable effective results. Besides the results, the process is safe as only natural compounds are used. The only disadvantage could be that it is expensive.

3) Using intimate lightening creams

The use of intimate lightening creams is one of the best solutions available to anyone today. Thanks to tech, there are specially formulated lightening creams to be used on intimate areas. Scientists and skin experts have spent hours and hours in the lab to make creams you can use to get rid of an intimate dark skin tone.

Since most intimate areas have delicate skin, the creams are infused with the gentlest ingredients to avoid skin irritations and allergies.

Some of the best creams on the market include Pretty Private Intimate Skin lightener, Lily Bright Intimate Whitening Cream Northern Crown Intimate Skin Lightening and Bleaching cream.

4) Home remedies

If you grew up in Africa, you know that nothing beats a home remedy. This should be the best way to explore in intimate lightening.

It is 100% safety guaranteed as you choose the ingredients yourself, which most times are all natural. Let us look into some of the most common home remedies for lightening intimate skin.

  • Yoghurt

We just pictured your reaction to this. You are probably thinking that’s a perfect dessert but skin? Yes, yoghurt, well plain yoghurt. It has a calming effect on the skin that soothes irritations and rashes.

Its ingredients also have the ability to lighten darker skin patches. You only have to have it on targeted area for ten to fifteen minutes then you can wash it off with lukewarm water.

  • Gram Flour

AKA Besan could be just the remedy you need for your intimate areas. All you have to do is mix the flour with water to create a paste.

Ensure that the paste is very thick in order to get the desired results. For best results, the paste should be applied to the skin twice or thrice a week depending on how dark the area is. It should be rinsed off with Lukewarm water as well.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Apart from aloe vera skin care products, most of you have aloe vera plants in your homes or gardens but you rarely use it for your benefit. You can start now! Aloe vera is enriched with natural mineral and vitamins that boost collagen production and lighten dark skin.

The procedure is quite simple. Pluck the aloe and cut it in a way that you can squeeze the gel out. Apply the gel and leave it on skin for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Then clean it out. This should be used consistently for effective results.

  • Orange Juice and Turmeric

You can never go wrong with Indian spices. India is best known for spices that have natural healing powers. Turmeric is one of the most popular Indian remedy for skin lightening.

Orange juice is a natural bleach this is why it’s found in products like dishwashing liquid. To formulate this DIY, take a pinch of turmeric and add it’s to three parts orange juice.

Apply, sit back and let the paste work its magic. It’s entirely up to you on how long you can leave it on skin before rinsing it off.

  • Rosewater and Sandalwood

These two ingredients complement each other with their moisturizing and coloring abilities respectively.

Therefore, while sandalwood treats discoloration rosewater keeps skin moisturized. For a balanced solution mix one part of sandalwood powder to one part of rosewater. Wash it off once it is completely dry.

  • Potatoes

Yes, Irish potatoes can lighten your intimate skin. It is loaded with natural bleaching properties that can lighten the hyper-pigmented area. A slice of potato massaged into the affected area will definitely do the trick.

Bottom line

With so many options on lightening intimate area currently, choosing the right option might seem far-fetched. The truth is it is not, anyone wanting to see results can do it.

The starting point is researching and having an understanding of which option you should explore. Spending time on research to determine which option to use is the greatest investment you can make.

There are certain realistic questions you would have to answer before you can make a decision on how to lighten your intimate.

What is the perfect option for my skin type? Can I afford it? Where can I purchase the product? Is the service available and accessible?

If you cannot answer some of these, you are likely to make the wrong choice. Well luckily enough for you. Google exists for such. For intimate lightening, it is advised to find yourself a good intimate bleaching cream to be on the safe side.

A little always goes a long way. Like choosing that perfect fitting high-waisted skinny jean and that Victoria’s secret lace underwear is one step away from lightened intimate areas.

The clothes do not necessary have to be loose, they should be a perfect fit for an enhanced airflow. In other words, know your size!!!

Although most home remedies do not cause irritations, there are other that may cause allergies. For home remedies ensure that you use ingredients that you are not allergic to.

Do not keep DIY pastes for too long on the skin. You have struggled long enough with making yourself believe that darkened intimate areas are the new normal, so have other people.

In truth you could not find a permanent reliable solution for lightening the intimate area. Now that you are here, it is time to bring that self-esteem and unleash your confidence by putting some of the tips we have provided to good use. Cheers to lightened intimate areas.

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