Do Guys Care About Dark Intimate And Dark Underarms?

Do Guys Care About Dark Intimate And Dark Underarms?

Ever wondered if guys do care more about how dark your intimate areas and underarm more than they care about your confidence level? 

Guys care more about your confidence in your appearance than darker intimate areas and Dark underarms. Guys are more likely to find you less appealing if your body confidence is not up to scratch. None the less, darker intimate areas and dark underarms are less attractive, so if you are in the middle of hair removal treatments, you need to get intimate and underarm lightening cream.

Why Intimate Areas Get Darker?

EzoicThe color of the private areas may get darker than the rest of our skin due to aging, friction, sweating, hair removal treatment, lack of ventilation, and more. Intimate dark skin problem is not a very serious concern however it can be a little problematic for some people due to lack of confidence. There are various reasons why your private areas are darker than the rest of your skin.

1) Aging

This is the most common cause of darkening on the private areas. The private areas can darken as your hormones fluctuate as you get older. As you grow older the skin also changes, this can be in terms of the texture, the color and also the elasticity of the skin will change.

When the color starts to change, you may notice your areas becoming darker over time. This can be one of the causes of your areas darkening.

2) Friction

EzoicDarkening of the private areas can be also be caused due to wearing tight clothing and underwear that may cause friction. Because of the rubbing, the color of your private parts starts to become darker or changes.

Wearing underwear that is tight can also cause your private areas to become irritated. Walking and working out are also other causes of friction in the private areas.

3) Sweating

Sweating frequently can also cause your private areas to darken in color. This happens because of the chemicals that are found in sweat can cause your skin color to change. These chemicals will also change the texture of the skin.

The private area is also an area that is confined; therefore, it might take long for the sweat to go away hence the chance of discoloration is increased. To prevent this problem, you can frequently clean your private areas so that there is no buildup of sweat in any way. You can also wear underwear that is made of cotton and those that are breathable.


Ezoic4) Frequent Shaving

If you shave your private area a little more too often, the likelihood of it darkening becomes high. This is especially when shaving creams or lotions are used because they contain chemicals that can cause darkening around your private area.

The irritation that happens when new hair is growing can also cause your area to darken. When you shave the area less frequently, you can prevent it from darkening and allow the area to recover from shaving.

5) Lack of ventilation

Since the private area is a confined area, it can sometimes become too moisturized and have lack of ventilation. When there is less air on the private area, the skin can start to change its color and become darker. The accumulation of moisture in that confined area further causes your skin to darken.

Risk factors

People that have obesity have a higher risk of having darker intimate areas than those people that are not, this is because of chafing of the skin.

People that are on certain medications are also at a risk of having dark private areas more as well as those that have an imbalance of hormones in the body.


How to Lighten Intimate Areas?

The private area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and therefore will need a lot of special care. Before you plan to lighten up your intimate area, it is recommended that you first talk to your dermatologist.

There are a lot of ways in which you can use in order to brighten up these parts. You may use at home treatments, topical creams or use other treatments.

It is very important to ensure that the method you are using will also be able to give your skin the rejuvenation that it needs and will ensure that the natural time and appearance are recovered.

You can also prevent your area from becoming further dark, some of the things that you can do include: wearing clothes that fit properly and underwear that leaves room for some air and ventilation go ensure that the moisture is reduced and that air can flow properly.

There are also creams that you can use to lighten up your private areas through intimate lightening.

Intimate lightening is basically a procedure that involves the use of natural compounds. It can be making use of extracts from fruits or plants in order to lighten up the dark private areas.

EzoicThe way works for both men as well as women. With consistent application, it will really give a difference on your private areas. This method is loved because it makes use of ingredients that are safe as well as effective.

Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments to help in lightening up dark private areas

There are many over the counter treatments that can greatly help in lightening up your dark private areas. There are some OTC treatments that are made using natural ingredients only where as some are made from chemicals too.

The natural ingredients that are included in the OTC treatments are the ones that help to deal with hyperpigmentation. These ingredients are also safe and barely cause allergic reactions. The common ingredients include the following:

  • Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3
  • Ellagic acid
  • Soy and lignin peroxidase.

There are some Ingredients that are included in most OTC treatments but may end up causing allergic reactions on your skin. These include: arbutin, licorice extract and kojic acid. Therefore, it is very important that you start by talking to your dermatologist before you plan on using over the counter treatments that include these ingredients in their formula.

Ezoic1) Procedures and ointments

When you see that there is no lick after trying home remedies and OTC treatments, you may sometimes go gif the other option that involves you using prescription as well as medical procedures that may help to lighten up your skin. This involves making use of treatments like retinoids, hydroquinone as well as laser treatments.

2) Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is available in many creams and it is used for bleaching the skin. It is found in many OTC treatments, however when you go to the dermatologist after you have tried using OTC and home remedies, the dermatologist will give you the hydroquinone in a concentration that is higher than that found in the OTC treatments so that you are able to get the results you want faster and more effectively.

However, it is advisable that this should only be used in small concentrations because this may end up causing cancer as studies show.


3) Retinoids

This is sometimes called vitamin A. Just like hydroquinone, you will also find this product in most Over the counter products, however the concentration maybe smaller than the one a dermatologist will be able to prescribe to you.

There are other retinoids such as retinoic Asif that help to treat hyperpigmentation while also rejuvenating the skin. With retinoids the result many take a little longer than hydroquinone. When using retinoids also make sure to protect your son from the sun as these are known for increasing the skins sensitivity to the sun.Ezoic


There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your private areas do not continue darkening.

  • In order to reduce Chafing, you should be wearing stockings when you wear dresses. Al’s ensure that the stockings or shorts that are worn underneath are good and breathable.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing, instead go for clothing that is loose. This will help to prevent you from sweating excessively. It will also help in reducing friction between your skin and the clothes.
  • Do not shave the private area frequently. Shaving frequently can cause the skin to become irritated, give your skin time to recover before you shave again.
  • Ezoic

Home remedies

There are a lot of remedies that one can use in order to lighten up the private areas. This involves using natural ingredients that have the ability to lighten up the skin. for example, vitamin C which is very good for treating hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Using ingredients with vitamin C will also help in keeping your skin healthy and ensuring that it stays soft as well as smooth. They also help in getting rid of the dead cells that may be on your skin since it can act as an exfoliant.

With its antioxidant properties, it will keep your skin safe from damage that is caused by free radicles and other environmental stressors. Home remedies can include, using lemon, sugar scrub, coconut oil, or yogurt scrub and many more.



Private areas are usually darker than the rest of the parts on your body. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of the most common reasons are due to friction, lack of ventilation, a lot of moisture and wearing very tight fitting cl9othes or underwear.

There are a lot of things that you can do to prevent your dark areas from darkening like avoiding clothes or underwear’s that are too tight for you. to help in lightening your dark areas, you can use a lot of home remedies that are available, you can also use over the counter treatments.

If these do not work, you can go for other methods that involve procedures and prescriptions like retinoids, hydroquinone and laser treatments.

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