Combination Skin Care Routine

combination skincare routine

As a combination skinned Millenial, caring for partly dehydrated and oily skin is a matter of science and not myths that overlook the need for carefully customized skincare routine best suited for combination skin. To that extent, I cleanse, exfoliate, mattify and moisturize my skin, so it still maintains the glowing and luscious look the combination skin is known for. 

Nonetheless, more and more folks have no idea how to put together an ensemble of gentle cleansers, mattifying moisturizers, exfoliators, and a befitting skincare routine for combination. So, they are left wondering what makes for the best skincare and which products are more suitable for dry and oily skin.

What is the best skincare for combination skin?

An ideal way to care for your combination skin is to know which cleanser is gentle enough for dehydrated and partly oily skin, along with moisturizers that capture enough moisture to allow the dry areas of the combination skin to bind and lock in the moisture.

If you have a combination of partly oily and dry skin like I do, I would recommend that you are best trying out a few of the gentle gel-based cleansers as they are known for being mild, especially when you get the lightly foaming cleansers like Cetaphil and Cerave

Now, dealing with dry skin complexities of combination skin types aside, Sadly, mixed-race skin types are even more susceptible to rosacea following the severe skin dehydration or sun damage. 

This is the reason why using a gentle, creamy lotion cleanser and finishing with a moisturizing evening serum or night cream is essential.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is when you are dealing with two skin types. You may have noticed that some areas on your skin are dry while other areas are oily.

To be specific, the forehead, nose and chin are the areas that tend to be oily when you have combination skin whereas the cheeks and the other areas tend to be dry.

For you to recognize combination skin by appearance you can see if your t-zone is shiny and oilier as compared to the other parts of your face.

These areas also sometimes have a full complexion due to buildup of dead cells. You may also notice some flakes.

Sometimes you can see that the skin is dry but you have breakouts and that could also be a sign of combination skin. Some people confuse between oily skin and combination skin. I often notice in forums like Reddit people wondering and asking how to know if you have combination skin.

You can tell that you have combination skin by simply looking at the oily areas on the skin because when you have oily skin the whole face tends to become oily unlike in combination skin where only some parts of the face become oily.

How to care for combination skin

For combination skin caring for it can be very hard and tricky because you have two skin types to deal with.

When taking care of combination skin, you should make sure that you can balance up the oily part and the dry patches of your skin.

A good skin care routine is a jet to keeping your combination skin well care for and healthy.

You should also take bot of the products that you choose to use like the toners, moisturizers and cleansers. Ensure that they are gentle and do not contain harsh ingredients in their formula.

This skin care routine will help in to easily balance up the combination skin type.


When you have combination skin you should not forget to cleanse your skin. Cleansing helps in getting rid of dead cells on the skin and removing all the impurities from your skin.

It also gets rid of excess oils. You can use a cleanser in the morning and in the evening depending on the type of cleanser that you are using.

When cleansing you have to make sure that the cleanser you are using is a gentle cleanser and does not contain any harsh chemicals that can cause harm.

You should also ensure that the cleanser will not strip your skin of all its natural moisture.

When getting a cleanser make sure to also choose the one with mattifying ingredients since they are very good for combination skin type.

When you have combination skin you also need to use different cleansers and use them at different times. For example, you can use a cleanser to remove excess oils in the morning.

In the evening you can use a cleanser to help in keeping your skin moisturized.

You can choose a cleanser that is water based or gel based but just make sure that it is gentle on your skin and does not cause any harm to it.

You should wet your skin with luke-warm water and then apply a cleanser to your hands. You should then massage the cleanser in a circular motion.

You should then wash the moisturizer and then rinse the cleanser from your face. After that you should pat your skin dry.

Toning the skin

Make sure that you do not forget this step when caring for your skin.

When it comes to toning the skin, you need to make sure that the toner you apply to your skin is hydrating, soothing and will not irritate your skin.

It should have good ingredients like antioxidants that will protect your skin and reverse the damage caused by free radicles.

A toner should also be well formulated. This is because the toners can be very helpful in hydrating your skin while ensuring that it does not add any extra oils to the oily areas on your skin.

A toner will also help to prepare the skin for when you will apply a moisturizer on your skin.

Exfoliating the skin

When choosing an exfoliant, you should choose the one that has a gentle formula and it is nonabrasive.

Exfoliants that contain beta hydroxy acids are good for combination skin because they are effective in getting rid of the dead cells on your skin.

And also help in unclogging clogged pores and reduce the oils on the skin. They also help in smoothening the skin and giving it a glow.

You can get an exfoliant that is made for all skin types or get a gel based and weightless exfoliant for combination skin.

You can exfoliate your skin once or twice a week but make sure that you do not over exfoliate.

Moisturizing your skin

Having combination skin does not mean that the skin should not be moisturized. All skin types require moisture. So, make sure that this step is always done.

For combination skin you should make sure that the moisturizer that you get is an oil free moisturizer.

This is because oil free moisturizers do not add extra oil to your oily part of the skin.

You can choose moisturizers that are packed with emollients, humectants and antioxidants so that your skin is kept healthy.

They will also ensure that your skin has a young and fresh look. They will also get rid of the dryness on the skin while getting rid of the extra oils at the same time.

Moisturizing your skin should be done after you have taken a shower because this is when your skin is moist and not dried. You can apply a moisturizer on your skin in the following way?

Pump a suitable amount of the moisturizer to your hands, then apply it to your face and massage it gently then wait until it has absorbed into your skin. After that you should make sure that the skin is well dried to apply anything else.

Protect your skin from the sun

Excessive exposure to the sun can really cause damage to your skin. In order to protect the skin from damage you can use sunscreen.

A sunscreen that is rated spf 30 or more is best at protecting the skin from sun damage. This also helps in preventing and reducing the signs of aging on your skin.

This because the sun can cause wrinkles, age spots and fine lines to appear even more.

When choosing a sunscreen for combination skin you should choose the one that has a lightweight formula. You can also find moisturizers that have spf in them.

Use a face mask to treat the complexion of your skin

A face mask is very good for combination skin. With combination skin you can also use different face masks at once.

This is called multi masking and it helps to deal with many skin issues at the same time. You should also use a mask that will help to absorb oils and that will keep your dry skin hydrated.

Clay masks are also good for combination skin. This is because they help in absorbing extra oils and cleaning the pores effectively without causing irritation on your skin.

Treat the skin differently

Because you have combination skin it generally means that your other parts on your face are oily while the other parts are dry.

Therefore, do not treat these areas in the same way. On the oily part of the skin you should use products that help in balancing oils and getting rid of excess oils on the skin while on the dry parts you should use products that will help in hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Avoid products that have harsh chemicals and alcohols

Alcohol is sometimes not very good for the skin. This is because it may cause the skin to dry out.

Therefore, when you are choosing skin care products like cleaners, toners and moisturizers make sure that they are not alcohol based.

Other ways of taking care of combination skin

Nourish your eye area. For your combination skin to look good you also need to take care of your eyes.

For this you can use an eye cream that will moisturize your eye area gently and ensure that it is hydrated.

Purifying the pores on your skin is also another way of ensuring that your combination skin is well.

You can use a clay mas for this. A clay mask will help in getting rid of the old excess oils and it will minimize your pores.

Wash skin with lukewarm water

when you are washing your skin make sure that the water you are using is lukewarm and not hot.

Hot water can cause your skin to dry out. It also strips the skin of its natural moisture and oils.

After that make sure to use a moisturizer that is very hydrating and will help to replenish moisture.

Eating right is also another key to having a good skin.

Ensure that your body is well hydrated by drinking enough water. Have a balanced diet with rich nutrients including food that have antioxidants.

Exercising regularly is also another way to take care of your skin and to ensure that it looks healthy.

Do not touch your face frequently when you have combination skin. This is because your hands can be dirty and this may end up leading to clogged pores when it is transferred to your face.

Use blotting papers in order to get rid of the extra shine on your face. Blotting papers absorbs oils easily.


A good skin care routine is very essential for combination skin. This is because it will help in improving the overall health and appearance of your skin.

It will also ensure that the skin is supple and that it has a bright complexion.

When it comes to your skin care routine for combination skin you should also take note of the products that you use on your skin because some products can cause harm to your skin.

The moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreen and toners that you choose should contain beneficial ingredients and they should not have ingredients that can irritate your skin or cause it to dry.

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