Cerave VS Cetaphil for sensitive skin

Cerave VS Cetaphil for sensitive skin

Cerave and Cetaphil have certainly gained popularity with people who have sensitive skin. And, if you are not familiar with skin sensitivity condition, primarily its that type that is prone to inflammation. Sadly, this is a common skin condition than you probably realize.

The good news is that Cerave and Cetaphil make a whole lot easier to care for this type of skin which is severely prone to adverse reactions.

Apart from Cerave or Cetaphil and a few other select skincare products, This type of skin easily reacts to just about anything from dyes, chemicals as well as fragrances that may be found in skincare products.

Therefore, when choosing the right products for sensitive skin you should ensure that the products do not contain harmful ingredients like irritants that may cause inflammation or irritate the skin in any way.

The Cetaphil products are better for sensitive skin. this is because these products do not have a lot of ingredients in the formula.

The ingredients that it uses are more natural as compared to those that are used by Cerave products.

These ingredients help in preventing skin irritation that may easily affect sensitive skin types.

Cerave vs Cetaphil for sensitive skin

Cerave and Cetaphil are some of the most popular skincare brands. They make moisturizers, lotions, body washes and many more products. Choosing the best brand in terms of sensitive skin can be quite a tricky task

Moisturizers are good products for the skin. these products ensure that the skin is kept hydrated.

These products also help in protecting the skins barrier, these will ensure the skin is well hydrated.

They also help to soothe irritated skin and skin conditions like acne, psoriasis etc. a moisturizer should be applied after taking a bath. They can also be used at any time like during the night and during the day.

Cerave Moisturizing Cream

The cerave moisturizing cream is good for keeping the skin hydrated. It also helps to protect the skin and restore its barrier.

It contains ingredients like ceramides (ceramide 1, ceramide 3, ceramide 6-II). It also has other ingredients like hyaluronic that keep the skin moisturized and hydrated because it is a great absorbent and can hold a lot of water.

The moisturizing cream does not contain any fragrances in its formula and is good for sensitive skin and those that have a sensitive nose.

It is also noncomedogenic, this means that it will not clog your pores. The cream uses MVE technology to ensure that the ingredients are well delivered and used on the skin. It uses a gentle enough formula that does not irritate the skin or make it greasy.


  • The formula is gentle and does not cause irritation
  • It is paraben free
  • The formula s free of fragrances
  • It is noncomedogenic
  • Very hydrating moisturizer
  • Can be used on all skin types even sensitive skin


  • Formula contains fatty alcohols which may not be good for some skin types

Cetaphil Moisturizing cream

The cream is great at keeping the skin hydrated. It is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. the cream is also good for skin that has conditions like eczema, psoriasis and more.

It ensures that the moisturizing it offers can last for many hours. The cream ha soothing properties that helps in calming irritated and itchy skin.

In its formula it has humectants and emollients that work to attract water to the upper layer of the skin and minimizing loss of moisture.

It has a formula that is noncomedogenic and this means that it is formulated mot to clog your pores. The main ingredients in this cream include glycerin, dimethicone and petrolatum.



  • Has some alcohol and parabens in the formula

Cerave vs Cetaphil Facial moisturizers

Facial moisturizers also help in keeping your face well hydrated. They help to make the skin supple and softer.

The face is one of the body parts that is almost always exposed and this makes it prone to dryness. Therefore, using a facial moisturizer is essential for keeping your skin healthy and well protected.

Facial moisturizers also help to replenish the skin and repair your cells in order to give your skin healthy and youthful look

Cerave facial moisturizer

The cerave facial moisturizer ensures the skins total hydration. The facial moisturizer also helps to keep the skins barrier well protected. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid in the formula. These ingredients make sure to keep the skin well hydrated and maintain its barrier.

It also uses MVE technology, this technology helps to add extra ceramides to the skin and ensures that they are well delivered.

Its noncomedogenic formula ensures that the skin stays free of clogged pores. The moisturizer also contains SPF 30 to protect your face form sun damage.

As compared to the Cetaphil facial moisturizer, the cerave has a lot of hydrating ingredients in the formula.


  • It uses a gentle formula
  • It is free of parabens and fragrances
  • Noncomedogenic formula and does not make the skin oily
  • Contains SPF 30 for protection
  • It is noncomedogenic


  • Formula contains fatty alcohols in the ingredients

Cetaphil facial moisturizer

The Cetaphil facial moisturizer helps to keep your face well-nourished and hydrated for up to 8 hours.

It also helps in protecting the skin from being damaged by the sun because of its SPF protection.

It is a fragrance-free moisturizer, it does not contain any irritants, this makes it a good facial moisturizer for skin that is sensitive.

The moisturizer is also noncomedogenic. It is also hypoallergenic and will moisturize your skin without making it extra oily.


  • Moisturizer can be used on sensitive skin
  • It is noncomedogenic
  • It does not make the skin oily or add a greasy effect to your skin


  • It is not cruelty free

Cerave vs Cetaphil cleansers

Cleansers are generally products that are used to get rid of dead skin cells and any dirt that is on your skin.

They also unclog your pores to prevent breakouts and acne. Cleansers are better used with moisturizer and toners.

Cerave foaming facial Cleanser

The cerave foaming facial cleanser can be used all over your body. You can use it on your face, body as well as hands.

The cleanser contains three essential ceramides in its formula. The ceramides help to cleanse the skin and get rid of excess oils without leaving the skin barrier vulnerable.

The cleanser contains hyaluronic acid in the formula. This is there to help in retaining moisture.

It also has niacinamide which has calming properties. It uses a noncomedogenic, nonirritating and nondrying formula.

The cerave facial foaming cleanser can be used by people with oily skin, normal skin as well as combination skin.

It is also a good cleanser for skin that is prone to acne, it is also free of fragrance and thus makes it a good cleanser for those with sensitive skin types.


  • It does not strip the skin of its natural oils
  • It helps in dealing with acne as well as breakouts
  • It is non comedogenic and wont clog your pores
  • Suitable for most skin types even sensitive skin
  • Suitable for vegans too
  • It is cruelty free


  • Does not fully wash away makeup

Cetaphil daily facial cleansers

The Cetaphil daily facial cleanser is one of the most popular products that Cetaphil offers. The product is suitable for skin that is oily and normal skin type.

The cleanser uses a gentle formula and the ingredients in its formula are non-irritating. It has also been recommended by dermatologists and it is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

The cleanser can get rid of excess oils without removing the essential oils on your skin. it is also noncomedogenic and this means that it will not clog the pores. The formula that it uses is gentle enough to be used every day.

The Cetaphil cleanser also gently exfoliates the skin, it is also very useful in alleviating conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and acne.

The formula of this cleanser is mainly made up of water, glycerin(humectant) and gentle detergents to gently get rid of all the impurities.


  • The cleanser is suitable for most skin types including sensitive skin
  • Cleanses the skin without drying it
  • It is free of any oils and it uses a noncomedogenic formula
  • Features a gentle and non-irritating formula
  • Can be used every day


  • It is not cruelty free
  • It is pricey

What are the difference and similarities between Cerave and Cetaphil?

The cerave and Cetaphil are different in terms of the formulation and ingredients. Cerave contains ceramides in its ingredients whereas Cetaphil products do not contain ceramides.

Ceramides are very good for the skin barrier, they help in restoring it, repairing it and maintaining its health. They also help to keep the skin moisturized.

Most of the Cetaphil products contain petrolatum in the formula. This helps in sealing moisture into the skin and ensuring that it stays supple and soft. They also use glycerin as a humectant while most cerave products use hyaluronic acid.

What is better for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is the type of skin that easily gets inflamed and can easily react to things like fragrances, dyes and chemicals that are found in skincare products. Therefore Cetaphil is best for Cetaphil.

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