Bioderma Vs La Roche Posay sunscreen

The Bioderma and La Roche Posay sunscreen are a few of the best sunscreens that offer high protection from sun damage. But which is better, Bioderma or La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60?

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60 sunscreen is better than Bioderma sunscreen cream. Especially if you have a combination skin type that is also Acne-prone, La Roche Posay s fare far better than Bioderma…The Bioderma sunscreen has an excellent SPF coverage; however, La Roche Posay is far superior compared to Bioderma. It is fragrance-free, humectant, and fast-absorbing, leaving your skin moisturized, protected, feeling good on the skin without leaving the whitening sludge behind like most regular sunscreen works. Still, Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream spf 50+ is a much better option than traditional mid-range sunscreen creams off the highstreet.

The La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60 has a higher broad spectrum as compared to the Bioderma Photoderm max SPF which has a broad spectrum of 50.

Both are good at keeping the skin safe from sun damage as well as providing additional advantages such as moisturizing the skin.

According to most reviews, the la Roche Posay sunscreen is great but needs to working on the packaging, on the other hand the Bioderma is a great sunscreen and the packaging is also very good. the following is a comparison between the sunscreens.

Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream spf 50+

The Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream spf 50+ is a great sunscreen. The sunscreen has a persistent pigment darkening PPD of 42, the spf is 50. The function of the PPD is to measure the UVA protection.

Therefore, this sunscreen has a high UVA protection ensuring that your skin is protected from UVA damage. UVA damage can cause premature aging and cause wrinkles on the skin. With the high UVA protection factor you are sure to prevent this.


The sunscreen comes in a silicone tube and its packaging helps in minimizing contamination of the product. The silicone tube also makes it every easy for you to squeeze out the sunscreen from the tube.

The sunscreen is also very hydrating. It has a creamy and thick like texture that also helps to keep dry skin well hydrated. Because of the thickness it may not be too good for those with extreme oily skin type.


The Sunscreen can be used every time you finish your skin care routine. It also works well under your make up.Therefore, can be applied right before you wear your makeup.

Before applying the sunscreen, make sure that the moisturizer that you apply is not that heavy or that you have not applied any oils that may cause a heavy layer on your skin. This is to ensure that the sunscreen is applied evenly to your skin.


The texture of this sunscreen is fluid-creamy like. It is easily applied on your skin and not feel heavy. The drying time for this sunscreen is also less therefore you don’t have to worry about it staying on your skin for a longer time before it dries out.

When applying the sunscreenake sure that you apply it evenly and do not over blend it. The sunscreen is free if any scent or fragrance.

This also makes it good for people with sensitive skin since the fragrances can contain irritants which are not good for sensitive skin.


The sunscreen is more suitable for people who have normal to dry skin types; therefore, it can be used on almost all the skin types.

The sun screen fines not form any greasy or oily effect on your skin, this also depends much on the kind of products that you use under the sunscreen.

If you apply products that make your skin oily then the sunscreen might form a greasy effect on the skin, if the products applied have a light consistency then it is likely that the sunscreen won’t make your skin feel greasy.

The sunscreen is noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic therefore it will not cause any breakouts on your skin or cause your skin to get irritated.


Active ingredients / Filters: Octocrylene (UVB/ Shortwave UVA), Tinosorb M (UVA/UVB) , Avobenzone (UVA), Tinosorb S (UVA/UVB), Bisoctrizole (UVA/UVB). The sunscreen is free of any harsh ingredients like fragrances and Parabens

Key Ingredients in Photoderm Max SPF 50+

1) UV Filters

The sunscreen contains UV filters in its formula. The UV filters are there to ensure that your skin is protected from damage by the sun.

The sunscreen has new chemical filters as well as the old ones to ensure that you skin gets maximum protection from sun damage.

2) Octocrylene

This a UVB filter that is in the formula. This filter helps in ensuring that the Avobenzone can last a long time. It also makes the sunscreen to be water resistant and so that it can coat your skin better.


  • It has a great UVA and UVB protection ensuring that your skin is protected from sun damage
  • It easily spreads on the skin and does not leave a greasy or oily feel
  • It has a soft finish
  • Free of fragrances and Parabens hence suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin types
  • It easily absorbs into your skin
  • It is noncomedogenic therefore will not cause your skin to break out
  • It is hypoallergenic therefore it does not irritate your skin.


  • Can cause a greasy effect depending on the products that you use under it.

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60

The la Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 60 sunscreen is a great sunscreen. It has an SPF of 60, it is noncomedogenic and free of oxybenzone.

The sunscreen is also non greasy and will not leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy in ay way. the sunscreen has a lightweight text and it absorbs into your skin very fast and easily.

It does not give your skin a white finish rather gives it a matte finish. The sunscreen is great at protecting your skin from damage by the sun. it also has a water resistance of up to 80 minutes. The sunscreen can be used on any skin type.

The la Roche Posay brand works with dermatologists in order to develop the sunscreen. This ensures that the products are well tested for skin safety. The formula has been tested for allergies, if it can clog your pores and if it can be used on sensitive ski types.

Texture and application

The sunscreen has a light fluid like texture. It easily spreads and absorb very fast into the skin. The texture of the sunscreen does not make it feel greasy, oily or heavy on your skin, it feels very light and does not form a greasy effect.

This sunscreen also dries easily on the skin and it can also be used under makeup. It does not form any white stain on the skin after application.

Before application, you should always ensure to shake the sunscreen well. the sunscreen should always be applied to your skin 15 minutes before you expose it to the sun.

For it to work well, it should be reapplied frequently, preferably every two hours. The sunscreen can also be used with makeup, make sure to start applying the sunscreen first and the makeup should come later on.


The sunscreen is very safe and has been dermatologically tested. It does not cause any allergies. It is free of any harmful ingredients such as fragrances and parabens.

It is also noncomedogenic and hence it will not clog your pores or cause any breakouts to occur. The sunscreen can also be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin. It has cell ox shield technology in the formula.

The cell ox shield technology ensures that there is a broad-spectrum protection provided to your skin, it also ensures that there is antioxidant that protect your skin form being damage by free radicles.

The sunscreen also has advanced UVA and UVB protection as well as antioxidants. This help in ensuring that the risk of having skin cancer as well as premature aging is reduced on your skin.


The sunscreen comes in a package that helps to minimize contamination of the product. The sunscreen is also very easy to use as you can easily squeeze the liquid from the tube without having any problems.

Key ingredients

1) Antioxidants

The formula contains antioxidants like senna Alata. These antioxidants are there to offer the skin protection from damage that is caused by free radicles.

2) Cell Ox shield Technology

  • UVA and UVB protection

The cell Ox shield technology include the Broad-spectrum UV filters. The technology combines the UVB and UVA filters in order to ensure that broad spectrum protection is delivered to the skin protecting it from damage that is caused by the sun.

3) La Roche Posay Thermal water

The la Roche Posay thermal water is also an ingredient in this formula. The water is very important because it has soothing properties and antioxidant properties.

With its antioxidant properties, the water helps to ensure that your skin is safe from any damage that can be caused by free radicles.


  • The formula is allergy tested and can be used on sensitive skin
  • It works very well to prevent sunburn
  • It protects the skin from aging prematurely and from free radicle damage
  • It is free of octinoxate and Oxybenzone
  • It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes
  • Helps to moisturize the skin


  • A little expensive


When it comes to comparing the Bioderma and the la Roche Posay sunscreen, we see that the la Roche Posay includes a higher broad spectrum in the formula.

The main difference between the two sunscreens is that the bioderma is thicker as compared to the texture of the la Roche Posay sunscreen. Both of the sunscreens are free of harsh ingredients like fragrances and parabens, however, the bioderma contains alcohol in the formula

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