Best Scar Cream for African American skin

Best Scar Cream for African American skin

Are you on the market looking for the Best Scar Cream for African American skin? Listen, African American skin is different from all the other skin types because of the presence of more melanin. And that makes it more susceptible to skin scaring even with the most trivial skin conditions like acne, eczema and severe reaction to harsh skincare ingredients. Bu, what’s the best scar cream for African American skin?

Bio-oil is by far the best skin scaring cream and oil for your uneven skin tone, stretch marks, and dark inner thighs that have traumatized skin. The main difference with all other creams is that Bio-oil is a humectant that easily gets absorbed by your skin to revitalize the traumatized skin around the scared skin than other creams.

Here’s The List Of The Best Scar Cream for African American skin

There are a lot of scar creams that are good for African American skin such as advanced silicone scar gel, Honeydew antiaging scar cream for face, derma E scar gel, Bio oil and many more.

Bio oil is the best for scars on African American skin. this bio-oil has a lot of ingredients that help in reducing scars on your skin. it could be scars from previous wounds or scars from acne, but bio-oil works the same.

It also has a lot of other ingredients such as getting rid of stretch marks, getting rid of hyperpigmentation, reducing aging skin and keeping the skin hydrated.

For scars bio-oil is only applied when the wounds are closed, this is because it does not prevent scarring but it helps in getting rid of the scars. For great results the bio-oil is used for over a month or more so that the scars start to fade and go away.

It is a great oil for African American skin because the product is filled with a lot of vitamins and other ingredients to get rid of the scars.

These ingredients will help to keep the skin nourished therefore minimizing the appearance of the scars, they will also keep the skin well moisturized, supple, smooth and softer. Other ingredients that it has will boost the elasticity and the collagen production in the skin.

The benefits and uses of Bio Oil

When it comes to getting rid of scars, Bio oil works really well to get rid of them. it has a lot of ingredients like chamomile oil, this ingredient is extracted from the chamomile plants and it has great properties.

Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for people with skin conditions like rashes, eczema as well as wound because it helps in healing. The following are some of the other benefits of using Bio oil.

1) Fading stretch marks

Bio oil is a good way to get rid of your stretch marks if they are giving you problems. bio-oil has the ability to slowly make this stretch marks go away.

This is because it contains vitamin E as well as vitamin A in its formula. It also contains oils like chamomile and rosemary that are known for their healing properties.

These oils are also great for keeping the skin nourished and this helps to get rid of those stretch marks, bio-oil is also good for boosting the skins elasticity, this is very good because it will prevent the new stretch marks from forming on your skin.

2) Healing Scars

Since Bio oil contains ingredients that help to keep the skin nourished, it also nourishes the skin around your scars, therefore, this helps in reducing the scars appearance.

This works after the cuts have started to heal. To get rid of the scars the oil should be massaged on to the scar every day until it starts to fade away and continue to do it until it completely fades.

3) Clearing Acne Scars

Bio oil is also good for use on the face. You can use it to get rid of the acne scars on your face. The ingredients that it contains will also keep the skin on your face nourished thereby fading away those acne scars.

Since it mostly contains natural oils in its formula, bio–oil can be used all around our bod as a lotion. It is very lightweight and will not make your skin feel sticky in any way.

You can also use it for all the other dry areas of your skin including the elbows. Because of its lightweight, it can easily soothe irritated and itchy skin.

4) Balancing Uneven skin tone

For people that are struggling with hyperpigmentation, bio-oil is a great option to deal with this problem. bio–oil can be used to make the skin on your face or body even.

It has vitamin A in its formula that helps in making your skin tone even by getting rid of the dark patches on your skin. To make this work efficiently, you need to also avoid staying in the sun for a prolonged period of time because the sun can worsen hyperpigmentation.

You should also make sure to always apply bio-oil of your skin was exposed to the sun. the bio-oil will help in rebuilding the skin thereby avoiding hyperpigmentation.

4) Aging Skin

Bio oil is great for aging skin. this oil can be helpful when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, it works by boosting elastin and collagen in your skin making the skin to be elastic and firmer therefore improving the antiaging properties in your skin. For reducing aging, it can be applied to your face for at least two times every single day.

5) Dry skin

Bio oil contains ingredients that are good for keeping the skin moisturized. It has oils like chamomile, lavender oil and candulera that make the skin well moisturized and supple. These also soften your skin and keep it healthy.

Ingredients in Bio Oil

Some of the most notable ingredients in Bio oil are Rosemary Oil, Chamomile oil, Lavender Oil, Calendula oil and Vitamin A.

Rosemary Oil is a very important ingredient and great for scars. This helps in reducing inflammation thereby making sure that wounds can heal faster. The oil is also very good for minimizing the scars on your skin and will help them to easily fade away.

Chamomile oil has a lot of benefits for the skin. it is a great ingredient that helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation and making your skin tone even. It also helps in fixing all other issues that are related to skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Lavender oil is an antioxidant. As an antioxidant it has a lot of benefits for the skin including protecting the ski from damage that can be caused by the sun, helping with the water levels in the skin and keeping the skin healthy.

Calendula oil is great from keeping the skin moisturized. It works well for skin that is dry because it ensures that the skin stays moisturized and well nourished.

Vitamin E and Vitamin A are antioxidants. Therefore, they keep the skin protected from damage that is caused by UV rays and will keep skin well strengthened.

Vitamin A also works to help in renewing the skin by boosting the production of collage, this also reduces the antiaging effects on your skin. Vitamin E has properties that prevent the skin from aging prematurely.

How to use Bio Oil

Bio oil is very easy to apply. The oil also gets absorbed on your skin very easily, it has a light texture and therefore will not make your skin feel greasy but it will leave it feeling silky and smoother, the oil is also free of any fragrance and hence good for sensitive skin types in order to use Bio oil effectively you follow the following steps:

  • Start by rubbing a few drops of the oil between your fingers
  • Then massage the oil to the skin you want the scars or marks to fade, this should be done in a circular manner
  • Make sure to do this twice every single day until you start to see that the marks or scars have faded the way you want them to.


Bio oil comes in a bottle that is placed in a white card box. In the card box there is also a manual for the product that explains how you can use the product; the manual also includes diagrams for easy understanding of how you can apply the product to your skin.

The bottle that it comes in is transparent and has the basic deign of any bottle. On the top of the bottle there is a white cap which has a hole for dispensing the liquid. The bottle so also travel-friendly and its sturdy packaging makes it to be leak proof.

The Pros

  • It is lightweight, the texture of bio-oil is very light, this will allow it to absorb into your skin very easily and ensures that it does not leave a greasy feel on your skin
  • It really helps in getting rid of scars and reducing the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.
  • You do not need to buy a big bottle because the small bottle can last a very long time.
  • It does not have a very heavy fragrant therefore it is also great for people that have sensitive skin
  • The bio–oil can also be used for moisturizing the cuticles

The Cons

  • It is oil based and most of its ingredients are oils therefore it may not be good for oily skin because it can cause acne breakouts
  • It is in the expensive price range


Bio oil is a great product for fading scars. The product contains a lot of good ingredients such as purcellin oil so that it can easily get absorbed into the skin. it also has Vitamin E for improving the skin tone.

Other ingredients include chamomile for soothing the skin and candulera oil for moisturizing it. The oil is good for many other things like fading stretchmarks, reducing aging and balancing out uneven skin tone.

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