Best Mascara Without Phenoxyethanol( With Pictures)

Organic mascaras are fast becoming the preferred choice over conventional mascaras with Phenoxyethanol. And that’s because any makeup line with harsh chemicals like Phenoxyethanol or those without cruelty-free credentials are no longer as popular as they used to be before ethical consumerism was a thing.

The rise of social media in the promotion of non toxic mascara is one of the best things that ever happened to the world especially in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

As much as smudge proof and clean mascara are the must-have for millennials and Gen-Z, the make-up market is flush with mascara packed with varying ingredients.

Nonetheless, mascara has become one of the popularly used products in as far as make up is concerned. FYI, it is the most used product after lipstick in the USA and Canada. But, what makes mascara a good one over the other brand of mascaras?

In general, the best mascara are those without synthetic fragrances, are non toxic mascaras without harsh ingredients like Phenoxyethanol, easy to take off using a makeup remover, and water resistant.

Whatever reason makes you not wear false lashes, Mascara is a godsend to save the day for those of us that were born with thin sparse lashes.

Since you are already taking precautions against eye and skin irritants, I will outline some of the best mascara that is phenoxyethanol-free.

In other words, they have different formulas depending on how they will be used. Do you want to extend, curl or define your lashes? Answering this question will help you know just the kind of mascara you need from the following five common types:

Waterproof Mascara

Highly formulated Long staying and intact on eyes. Nonsmudging making them best for summer and monsoons.

When purchasing this type of mascara be sure to get special based oils for removing the mascara because of how it is formulated.

Lengthening mascara

Best for short and sparse lashes because they make natural lashes longer through binding fibers. Its denser bristles aids mascara to get on the tips of the lashes.

Thickening Volumizing Mascara

There are there to compliment lash shape and color with its thicker formula of waxes and silicone polymers.

They also help achieve fuller and thicker lashes for people with thin and sparse lashes. Unlike lengthening mascara, they do not use synthetic fibers.

Curling Mascara

Enhances and holds the existing natural curl because of its thicker consistency. If you want Indian-like lashes you should be searching heaven and earth for curling mascara.

Lash defining

Multifunctional special pigmented mascara with polymers that provides both volume and thickness consistency and texture Amazingly separates each lash from root to tip giving the lashes a natural look and perfect appearance. Most of the lash-defining mascaras are waterproof.

Nonclumping mascara

New kid on the mascara block with glycerin and silk extracts equipped with a deeper wand for a polished neat finish.

Aside from these formulation classifications, there are three subcategories of Mascara namely

Powder Mascara

It is distinct from wet and dry as the name suggests it’s in powder form. It needs to be dissolved in water before applying to lashes. It gives a false lash kind of finish.

Wet Mascara

It has a creamier consistency. It gives a bolder look and is perfect for lower lashes.

It gives a clean and defined look to lashes. They are best for people with oily skin as it does not cause smudging on the lower lids.

For those girls looking for non-toxic mascara, I would recommend W3ll People, Alima Pure, 100% pure, and Ilia have some of the most reliable brands in my experience.

Dry Mascara

It dries quickly with no wait time, giving you an even application in one swipe. When using this kind of mascara be sure to wipe the extra product off on tissue paper before applying as it’s very hard to remove them once they dry up.

To achieve more natural-looking lashes use a wet formula instead it’s not clumpy unlike dry formulations hence the name water-resistant mascara because it takes longer to completely dry up but however, you can clean them off using soap.

So far I have outlined the best mascara without Phenoxyeth that won’t irritate your eyes. There are lots of product that you can buy and use every day because sometimes we forget the side effects of some products and how it’s made.

Remember that some people with allergies may not be able to wear mascara, so don’t give up if you think you have sensitive skin or even eyelashes as there is a solution for everyone out there!

Creamy Mascara

Increases eye depth while adding volume to thin and sparse lashes. You have to find a special kind of applicator to prevent smudging.

Long staying and intact on eyes. Nonsmudging making them best for summer and monsoons. When purchasing this type of mascara be sure to get special based oils for removing the mascara because it is highly formulated.

Liquid Mascara

Liquid mascara eye makeup is probably the most common because they are easily found in the water-soluble and water-resistant form. Commonly used to enhance and sharpen lashes by women with curled lashes.

NB: Both powder and creamy mascara are rarely found.

We are guessing you now have an informed opinion on which mascara you would like to purchase.

With the formulations discussed, we should now be concerned with active ingredients in the different types of formulas since the eyes remain one of the most sensitive organs of our body.

We will list down some of the best mascaras on the market without phenoxyethanol.

Best Mascara without phenoxyethanol

Best mascara without Phenoxyethanol is different from your traditional mascaras. While conventional mascara can come with popular ingredients like jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and mineral oil, the best natural mascaras contain no harsh ingredients like Phonoxythanol or they must be paraben free too.

That’s why I took some time to find the best natural mascaras with certified organic ingredients and without Phenoxyethanol.

Which are the best Organic mascara without Phenoxyethanol?

The market offers hundreds of different brands with all sorts of ingredients used in their formulas. The question is: are all those organic mascaras without phenoxyethanol equally good? Do they have the same quality as those containing Phenoxyethanol?

A quick internet search exposes a confusing world where each brand claims its product to be superior to others based on customer satisfaction, Amazon rankings, trustworthiness, and many other variables but no clear winner can be found among them.

Sensitive eyes need to be treated with care, and you are better off when selecting a product that does not contain phenoxyethanol. Some of the best organic mascaras without Phenoxyethanol are:

Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara.

The Lash Paradise waterproof mascara by Eylure is a vegan and cruelty-free mascara. Contains certified organic ingredients such as Aloe leaf juice, Vitamin A, C & E which helps in nourishing the lashes while also adding volume and length to them.

It is one of the best mascaras without phenoxyethanol that can help you make your eyelashes longer and healthier.

Some people with sensitive eyes may experience a little irritation after using this mascara but it dissipates quickly. The perfect organic mascara for those who want to enhance their natural beauty in an environmentally friendly way!

Pros: Contains 90% Certified Organic Ingredients; Includes Aloe Leaf Juice, Vitamin A, C & E; Helps in nourishing lashes; Makes Lashes Longer

Cons: May cause mild irritation.

100% Pure – Organic Mascara.

One of the best natural mascaras that do not contain Phenoxyethanol or other harsh ingredients. It is one of the few organic mascaras without Phenoxyethanol that contains castor oil plant extract and jojoba oil to nourish your lashes while adding a hint of volume to them.

It has a creamy, liquid formula made using black tea extracts which strengthen the hair fibers for longer lashes without compromising on their flexibility.

Many people who have used this mascara have experienced fewer lash fallout occurrences with no clumping or flaking issues at all!  

Pros: Water-based formula; Contains Castor Oil Plant Extract & Jojoba oils.

100 % Pure Fruit Pigmented Lengthening Mascara

Forget smudging, clumping, or flaking with this formula made with pigments from black tea, berries and cocoa to lengthen and separates lashes coating each lash from root to tip with its exceptional hourglass wand. It’s the best overall from mascaras available on the market. If you are looking fo a naturally volumizing mascara, you should give this a try.

The 100% Pure fruit pigmented lengthening mascara comes with a mascara wand for easy application and is good with sensitive eyes as it is an easy to remove mascara.

W3LL People Mascara Expressionist Black

Go bold or go home with this EWG certified nourishing mascara that leaves a luxurious effect.

It delivers the right amount of product with a new in design tech brush that has a unique cascade and injection molded rubber to carefully separate the thinnest, shortest hard to reach lashes by scooping them to increase length hence why it is the best defining mascara.

Ere Perez Avocado Water proof Mascara

With summer upon us, the sand music and hangout festivals have resurfaced. You might be planning to go on the cruise ship.

You should definitely be thinking of stocking up this waterproof mascara formulated with avocado oil to strengthen and kickstart growth.

It also regenerates your lashes getting you ready to help protect and nourish your lashes for the upcoming pool parties. If summer has never been your favorite time of the year that is about to change.

ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

The game-changer with 100% natural dye that does not clump nor flake. This 100 % effective mascara fortifies and enhances lash with simple strokes using its dual-sided brush.

It has been rated to have the overall best wand. Remember that brush or wand determines the finishing look of your lash.

Honest beauty extreme length and lash Primer

Ophthalmologists and dermatologists tested mascara that has mascara and lash working together to increase length, volume and definition of lash.

The primer creates an even base that aids the mascara to easily and smoothly coat the lash thereby sky-high lifting and lengthening the mascara. If you are on a very tight budget or want to save, behold your Mascara.

Tarte, lights, camera lashes 4+in+1 Mascara

For those with sensitive skin and those that use contact lenses is this all-round formulated fan-favorite mascara has been around for over a decade.

That’s right, a decade. It conditions your lashes and is a definite direct answer to length, curls and volume of your natural lashes.

Organic Mascara Endless beautiful

Organic natural mascara with green packaging tackling the 3Rs with ingredients you can actually pronounce put together to give you a natural look with softer and healthier lashes.

AU Naturale-bold statement vegan organic mascara

Ideal for everyday use, with its organic clean ingredients. Although it swipes on light, it can be easily layered to create a more subtle look.

A single layer is more than enough to create length, definition and of course a little icing on the cake, curl.

Ecco Bella All-Natural Black Flower Color Mascara

With great organic formula this beauty is the purest you will come across. It is gentle on eyes plus does not clump.

It warps around the lash to achieve full length and volume. Authentically and ethically made to make you look and feel confident always.

Josie Maran Argan Black oil Mascara

For ultimate length and volume with a conditioning formula that coats, curls, volumizes, and lifts lashes by reaching them with a five-ball brush. Such a luxurious and conscious mascara from iron pigments and bamboo.

Out of its 26 shades this black mascara does not flake or clump. It also conditions the lashes making them feel soft and healthy all day long.

Pure Anada Natural Mascara

If you are looking for a simply perfect natural mascara made from 100 percent of natural ingredients, then look no further than this organic mascara without parabens that shields your eyes from harmful chemicals like sulfates, Phenoxyethanol, and dyes.

It’s simple but leaves the results of barely there makeup with big impact using its conditioning Vitamin B5 formula and vegetable proteins to provide lash nourishment keeping them flexible while it lengthens, curls, and magnifies.

Silk Naturals Waterproof Organic and Vegan Mascara  

Without any parabens, gluten or GMO formula this non-irritating mascara is a perfect vegan mascara that nourishes your lashes naturally and get you ready for all summer events.

The vegetable glycerin soothes away irritation while the purified water keeps your eyes refreshed, hydrated and moisturized.

Sorme Practically Bare Mascara For Lashes & Brows

If you are looking for the best organic mascara for sensitive eyes this natural formula conditions and strengthens lashes with ingredients like vitamin E to protect them from damage caused by cleansing agents as well as herby cucumber oil.

It is also rich in vitamins A, C, B5 which fortify the lash follicle aiding the growth of longer lustrous lashes along with the serum glides on easily without causing clumping.

Green People organic mascara for sensitive eyes

The Green People organic mascara for sensitive eyes is not your average harsh-free mascara. Green People organic mascara for sensitive eyes is made from pure plant-derived and organic ingredients, which are kinder to your sensitive eyes.

This natural mascara is a perfect vegan mascara that nourishes your lashes naturally.

It is also gluten-free, paraben-free, GMO-free formula and use of harsh chemicals, as well as artificial fragrances, has been kept at bay.

Maybelline the falsies dramatic volum’ express Washable Mascara

If you want an affordable all-rounder for everyday makeup Maybelline the falsies dramatic volum’ express Washable Mascara is what you should go for.

With its fiber bristles, it is long-wearing and easy to apply but not clumpy or cakey in any way.

Are All Organic Vegan Mascaras Good For Sensitive Eyes?

When you have sensitive eyes, the last thing you want to do is put a harmful product on your eyes. That can cause irritation and damage. Luckily, there are some mascara brands that offer organic vegan mascara options for those with sensitive eyes. But, are all organic vegan mascaras good for sensitive eyes?

In general, organic vegan mascaras are better for sensitive eyes. They do not contain synthetic preservatives, they promote lash growth and are formulated using clean organic matcha, carnauba wax for excellent mascara even contact lens wearers can use.

When it comes to making sure the organic version of the product is as effective, many companies use ingredients like Castor Oil which is good at lengthening lashes by making them thicker. Remember, the main reason you are using mascara is to make your natural lashes more visible.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they should be longer than normal. But if you have naturally long lashes or thick lashes, then you will get even greater results when wearing organic mascaras for sensitive eyes.

So what makes an effective mascara?

Effective mascaras are free from harsh ingredients like – Phenoxyethanol – petroleum ingredients – parabens – phthalates to keep you safe from eye infections and irritation.

Instead, you want the best list of organic mascaras ingredients for sensitive eyes are a safe choice when compared with other standard mascaras.

Carnauba Wax – This is a wax derived from the Brazilian palm plant and used as a thickening agent in cosmetics.

Castor Oil – Promotes lash growth by making lashes thicker

Glycerin – Water-binding ingredient that ensures formula does not dry out.

Vitamin E – A skin moisturizer and antioxidants helps skin maintain its softness and flexibility when exposed to sun rays or pollution. It also reduces inflammation caused by acne breakouts, psoriasis, dermatitis, age spots, or other conditions.

It ’s good to remember that not all organic mascaras are vegan. Some contain carmine which can be made using bugs called cochineal insects harvested from cacti (typically Peruvian Opuntia species). Vegans will want to look for organic mascaras that are vegan and do not contain the cochineal bug or carmine, which is a bright red dye.

What To Look For When Picking The Best Beauty Counter mascara choices With Nourishing Formulas?

When picking up mascara, it is important to consider the wand. The way the brush looks will predict how well and thickly your lashes are applied with this product.

Using different types of wands for a different purpose can leave you disappointed if you’re not mindful about their design when shopping around for a new one!

Mascara is made up of a varying component of base mixture that includes waxes, oils and pigments of oxides and titanium oxides to have the desired color. Mascara is classified according to the effect they have on lashes.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Shop Mascara

• Waterproof mascara such as the ILIA mascara don’t smudge and are long-lasting whereas non-waterproof smudge easily. You may decide to go for it, if you are going to a pool party or will be in the water.

• Best mascaras without phenoxyethanol include natural ingredients which means these products can be good for your skin and lashes while they won’t cause irritation or allergies.

• A two-sided bristle brush with one side of thick bristles helps coat each lash effectively and a fine bristled tip allows more precision on small lashes. Avoid those with plastic wands at all costs – they contribute to breakage of your lashes!

• Products that come in stick form are easy to use but usually dry out more quickly. A tube with a wand is better as it allows you to build the product and use it for longer periods before needing new supplies.

If you’re looking for a mascara that’s not tested on animals, be sure to check the label – some companies test their products on animals illegally! Always check if they have changed the practices or not. The best way to do this is by checking their website where they will likely list animal testing policies.

Also remember that waterproof mascaras are more difficult to remove which can cause irritation such as panda eyes after wearing them all day long or during swimming sessions. Don’t wait for it to dry out completely before attempting to take them off.

This is the last thing you should think of when picking your own mascara — price. The best mascaras In America and rest of the world are high-end but by no means unaffordable.

You can find them in drug stores and big departmental stores with top brands selling at a moderate cost that is totally worth it!

The bottom line? Always remember that just like everything else, there’s more than one way to skin a cat – literally! So grab the best bargain on a good mascara with all-natural ingredients from any brand and get ready for those fluttering lashes and compliments like never before. without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals like Phenoxyethanol

When deciding on mascara, you should always strive to ensure that have a clear goal on what you want to attain with your mascara prior to shopping.

You should be able to weigh the performance and outcome of the mascara before you purchase it. Being fully aware of this information is a step towards finding the right mascara for yourself. It will save you time and money as you will be able to narrow down to ably choose the right mascara for you.

With risks pointed out with phenoxyethanol, be cautious to pick out a mascara that does not contain the chemical. Brands that claim to make natural products do not face penalties for producing synthetic, non-organic and genetically modified products.

This is why you must vest yourself in reading reviews by experts and other users to have some pointers on choosing a winning mascara to incorporate in your makeup routine. Here are some take-home points that could benefit you

  • Always look for authentically crafted mascara with organic and natural ingredients.
  • opt for a mascara that has been highly rated and certified by boards such as the federation Drug Administration as well as ophthalmologists and dermatologists.
  • Avoid products that appear with a list of ingredients that are unfamiliar to you.

The best mascara without phenoxyethanol is Lash paradise waterproof. This product provides the perfect formula for lashes, no matter your eye shape or size. It’s a great option to try if you’re concerned about the health and environmental impact of conventional mascaras that contain this ingredient. We hope this post was helpful in finding new products to consider!

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