10 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Without Phenoxyethanol

10 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Without Phenoxyethanol

Hyaluronic acid Serum has extensive benefits to the human body particularly the skin. Sadly, the majority of Hyaluronic acid serum also contains Phenoxyethanol, an ingredient compound deemed to be harmful when exposed to your skin in large quantities. The good news is that you can find the best hyaluronic acid serum without Phenoxyethanol as an alternative.

What Is It, And Why Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum?

Ezoic Hyaluronic acid Serum is an effective natural humectant widely used to even skin tone, tackle age-related skin blemishes and lighten the skin with hyperpigmentation. Hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin c is the best as its natural properties have the ability to draw and hold water long enough to moisturize the skin that is dry.

Due to the endless list of benefits that the hyaluronic acid it has been used decade after decade in skincare products such as moisturizers and serums to hydrate the skin and improve appearance.

There are so many serums that use hyaluronic, nevertheless finding the right serum is always tricky.

EzoicIt is like finding a needle in a haystack. this article will give you some pointers on choosing hyaluronic acid serum that does not contain Phenoxyethanol, a commonly used ingredient in cosmetic production.

EzoicThis particular ingredient is very harmful to the skin as it causes irritation and blisters. It further puts at-risk nursing mothers and their infants.to be able to pick out the best hyaluronic acid serum we must first understand what hyaluronic acid is and what its benefits are to the skin and body.

It should be made clear that scientific research and dermatologist recommend hyaluronic acid. This is something that we all want to hear.

There is a high possibility that most of us are already using it in our skin care routines without knowing.

Rather than an acid that you know to be toxic, it is a clear natural oil free sugar found in our skin, connective tissue and eyes to retain moisture by holding water that sustains our joints and skin making our skin visibly hydrated and plump. Additionally, restricting the moisture from leaving our skin.

In other words, it is a humectant that keeps our skin moisturized throughout the day because of its ability to draw and hold water.

Unfortunately, with age just the hyaluronic acid decreases you grow old, you should probably think of increasing our fruit and vegetable intake which increases hyaluronic production to prevent inflammation and maintain good skin.

There are several natural benefits of Hyaluronic acid that would be good to remember always

1 It promotes supple and healthier skin

Half of the hyaluronic acid is in our skin where it plays its vital role of retaining moisture/As mentioned earlier that exposure to ultraviolet light, radiation from sun and pollution may all affect production of the acid.

Taking supplements of the may slow down decline aid these effects by aiding the body to absorb extra amounts into the skin. It further reduces appearance of wrinkles, redness and dermatitis


2 Speedy tissue repair

When one has a wound, concentrations of the acids increase which then regulates inflammation through signals that are sent to the body to build more blood vessels where there are damaged tissues ultimately reducing the size of the wound and decreasing the pain.

With its antibacterial properties it reduces risk of infection, combats gum diseases as well as eliminate ulcers.

3 Relieves and lubricates joint pain

Since it fills the space between the joints, it ensures that joints are lubricated. This prevents grinding which may cause wear and tear.

It relives pain in people that suffered from osteoarthritis a joint degenerative disease caused by wear and tear.

4 Reduces reflux symptoms

These are associated with regurgitation of food from the stomach through the throat causing pain the eventually damages the esophagus.

Research has proved that hyaluronic acid soothes damaged esophagus and speeds up recovery process.


5 Relieves dry eye and discomfort

This is common in older people because of reduced tear production and quick evaporation of tears.

As discussed earlier hyaluronic acid decreases with age. Therefore, taking eye drops with hyaluronic acid helps in improving overall eye health as well as reducing redness.

6 Could prevent interstitial cystitis

This is painful bladder syndrome that comes with abdominal pain and tenderness with a weird urge to urinate frequent. that occurs in women/The acid relieves the pain and controls the frequent urination.

Having known the benefits of hyaluronic acid, we will now redirect or focus to the best hyaluronic acid serum without phenoxyethanolEzoic

The best hyaluronic acid serums without phenoxyethanol

1 Theory’s Hyaluronic Acid

Its formation is 100 % pure using a natural preservative toppled with sodium hyaluronate with a lower molecular weight than hyaluronic acid giving it the ability to penetrate deeper into the multiple layers of the skin.

4 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums 2023

With zero light bottle ensuring the serum does not deteriorate actively fighting wrinkles, moisturizing and producing collagen.

2 Evolve beauty Hyaluronic Acid serum 200

This is a general fitter that is suitable on all skin types with pomegranate extract that are responsible for cell turnover and strengthening cell membrane to prevent water loss and damage.

3 The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% B5

Very affordable it contains vitamin b5 another ingredient that prevents skin flammation, moisture loss as well as retain and lock in Flammation pulled in by the HA. Always remember to apply before heavy creams and oils on the face.

4 Dermalogica Skin hydrating booster

If you are looking for immediate comfort for tight skin and eliminated flakiness around the nose, here is a light, no fragrance easy to dispense serum made just for you.


5 Consonant HydrExtreme

Light in texture which makes it fast absorbing and non-greasy. Made of just two ingredients with clinical proof that it performs better than hyaluronic acid and leading hydration serum on the market. If you believe in all natural and want a silicone free product, you got it.

6 CeraVE Hydrating hyaluronic acid face serum

Caters for sensitive skin while saving you money with its affordable rates. Toppled with vitamin B5 and ceramides to combat appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7 Opheous botanical stem cell face serum

If you need your skin reborn try this gold winner product for the most innovative green product awards 2020 with multiple deep hydration, ability to destress, calm and strengthen skin by improving overall complexion, texture and density of skin that might be considered beyond repair.


8 001 skincare London alpha Glow Flash Facial

There is nothing we love more than a product that can be used multi purposefully. This acts as a serum, primer and mask combining 9 amazing ingredients that tackle moisture loss, inflammation, collagen depletion and most importantly melanin irregularities. Now your melanin can pop too.

9 Skin Ceuticals hyaluronic Acid intensifie

If replenishing cell membranes proves to be expensive, you can amplify hyaluronic acid levels by 30%, improve texture and restore elasticity with this paraben and dye free product that has been clinically proven to reduce plumpness and sagginess.

10 Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

We all need a fast absorbing serum that beautifully blends in especially with Oily skin. For a serum that is stable under make up this the go to.

Bottom line

Hyaluronic acid is a magnet for water holding up to 6 litres of water which explains its undeniable skin and joint associated benefits.

Due to the fact that the body produces it there have been very minimal reported side effects.

Nursing mothers and their infants ought to take precautionary measures in using supplements while people with cancer should avoid at all costs taking these supplements.


It has been noted that hyaluronic acid can increase the growth of cancer cells. Unless otherwise stipulated hyaluronic acid is very safe.

EzoicWith its antioxidant properties, there is guaranteed protection from the environment, sun rays and exposure as well as harmful chemicals emitted from pollution.

Despite this, like any new product you are trying out take baby steps by applying it once to see how your skin responds to the product.

Should you be satisfied with the benefits and results of the product, you may apply it twice in a day or as required by your skin. However, remember that too much of HA may actually take way moisture from your body.

In as far as choosing the best hyaluronic acid is concerned you must ensure that aside being phenoxyethanol free, the serum must have a concentrating that is very well balanced to ensure effectiveness.

Low concentration might make the serum ineffective while high concentration might rob the skin of its moisture. The right percentage of a perfectly balanced serum is just about 2%.


Lack of multiple layers of hyaluronic acid won’t get you the results your ae looking for. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is a mixture of three primary kinds namely lower weight molecules which works long term for a healthy happy skin.

The second is medium weigh molecules to retain moisture on skin barrier and higher weight molecules for hydration of the outer skin.

Although hyaluronic acid works on all skin types from oily to dry, how the acid works is always dependent on how a specific product has been formulated.

Do not forget to use other ingredients such as niacinamide, white life extract and linden flower to transform serums that only contain water and hyaluronic acid to the dream formula for amazing skin.

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