10 Best facial Moisturizers without phenoxyethanol

Best facial Moisturizers without phenoxyethanol

There are so many moisturizers on the market due to technology advancement. many people are looking for face moisturizers that will work perfectly on their faces but most importantly not leave any long- or short-term side effects.

EzoicMost are looking for moisturizers Or hyaluronic acid serum that do not contain phenoxyethanol as evidence has pointed out that it may have some unpleasant side effects such as skin irritation, rashes, eczema and hives that may lead to adverse skin damage.

This is despite the fact that the US Federal Drug Administration FDA reviewed and approved the safety of phenoxyethanol for use as an indirect food additive and an ingredient in cosmetics.


If you are in the percentage of people that is still uncomfortable with the ingredient you have so many choices and options as there are many facial moisturizers on the market that are produced without phenoxyethanol.

But before we get into detail about these some of the best moisturizers without phenoxyethanol, here is an insight of what phenoxyethanol is and how to spot it in a product.


What is Phenoxyethanol

Is a synthetic preservative that is commonly used in mainstream cosmetics such as foundation, blush, lipstick, as well as personal care products like soap, hand sanitizer and ultra sound gel among others.

It is naturally found in green tea and has bacteria fighting properties which make it non-reactive with other ingredients such as air and light.

Its stability is what makes it stand out to be widely used in cosmetics, vaccines as well as textile industries/ It is oily, scented like a rose and sticky in nature.

Aside being used as a preservative it is also used as a stabilizer alongside other ingredients that are likely to spoil and become potent making the products ineffective before expiry date.

Due to different packaging styles, it may appear on the packaged finished product with the following names:

  • Ethylene glycol monophenyl
  • 2 Phenoxyethanol
  • PhE
  • Dowanol
  • Arosol
  • Phenoxol
  • Arosol
  • Phenoxetal
  • Rose ether
  • Phenoxyethyl alcohol
  • eta+ hydroxyethyl phenyl ether
  • Euxy K 400 which is simply a mixture of Phenoxyethanol and 1,2= dibromo02 and 4 dicyabutane

Should there be cases were none of these names would not appear do not hesitate to make use of google and dermatologists that you can get hold of to be on the safe side.


If you used product that had phenoxyethanol and got skin irritation or other notable side effects, must cease to use it. Additionally, do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

In order to ensure that you have picked the right product without phenoxyethanol, you need to start paying keen attention to the detailed list of ingredients on products you buy to ensure the safety of your as well as avoid complications that might come in future as a result of bad product choice.

As cumbersome s it may be, it is necessary to carefully select what goes on your skin.
With this insight, we can now delve into best facial moisturizers without phenoxyethanol that are available on the market to suit your preference, budget and needs for your satisfaction/Get your pen and paper ready.


Although all moisturizers work the same way, there are different types of moisturizers. The common ones are humectants, emollients, occlusive and ceramides. If you are looking to draw water in your skin find a humectant which is moisture absorber.

To seal in water in cracks that might have occurred get yourself emollients also known as space fillers because of their role. to provide a barrier to prevent water loss occlusive moisturizers which are moisture sealers work the magic.Ezoic

On the other hand, damaged and dry skin need ceramides help to replenish lost ceramides for better moisture retention by the skin.


Despite the fact that most facial moisturizers contain Phenoxyethyl, there are still some cosmetic companies out there that have considered that you might be allergic to it.

So, let’s get right into the list of the best facial moisturizers without phenoxyethanol yet affordable at the same time.

1 Neutrogena oil free moisturizer with SPF

Nothing is as good as a multifunctional oil free fast absorbing moisturizer that has no alcohol, no dye and no fragrance It is hypo allergenic and has is non comedogenic making sure blackheads do not appear as pores are able to let air in.


These properties keeps your face moisturized while making it smoother and softer. Helping you save. Now that’s a winner.

Ezoic2 Osea Atmosphere protection cream

It minimizes breakouts and helps manage natural oil production besides that fact that all ingredients are safe and natural. With essential oils from lavender and grapefruit, this light weight moisturizer has become popular in the entire moisturizer category.

3 100% Pure hydra drench

For the vegans out here, this moisturizer is not only organic but it is cruelty free. It is thinner on the inside making it a perfect fit for day time use. It is infused with rosewater and shea butter. It’s not only for vegans, so if you woke up feeling vegan today try it out.


4 Minence organics coconut age corrective moisturizer

This is an award-winning moisturizer from Meghan Markle, yes, the former duchess that reduces aging by making skin look firmer and tighter.

Most older women might have problems on choosing a moisturizer. This we would recommend.

5 Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream

Overall oily skin moisturizer recommended by dermatologists thar is oil and alcohol-free containing glycerin and hyaluronic acid.


It can be used by people with dry skin as well as pregnant women with its lightweight properties.

6 Lifxox cupu cool jelly bam

We have moisturizers that have us covered for the day. But what about during g then night here is a moisturizer that can be used to replenish moisture overnight lemon from the amazon rainforest.

7 True botanicals renew pure radiance oil

Though it’s an oil, it is used to naturally repel external pollutants to keep skin free and prevent irritation.


It is specially formulated with vitamins A ana C, passion fruit, papaya seed oils, omega 3 fatty acids as well as kiwi seeds to bring out the perfect heavenly blend that you face needs.

8 Juicy beauty antioxidant moisturizer

Here is another moisturizer for defying aging and blemishes that may appear because of age.

Made from organic juices, it leaves skin hydrated reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines leaving skin silky smooth.


9 Ocadite Oleosomes Time Release delivery crème

With carrot seed oil in luxe shea butter the skin is let hydrated, bright wand plump. The special ingredient oleosomes helps to release nutrient dense ingredients that are sustained throughout the day.

10 Jack Rose brook Nutrient day crème with SPF

Best for last is this moisturizer that has been infused with aloe shea butter combination, evening primrose oil and sea buckthorn oil with a bonus 2% micronized zinc oxide that block the sun’s harmful rays.

You have to be aware of the most toxic ingredients that are used in moisturizers and make effort for find replacing ingredients. This is something you might want to consider when finding the perfect moisturizer for your face

  • Mineral oil is a petrochemical which leads to pore clogging that causes breakouts and other skin issues. Continued use may lead cancer and organic toxicity. Its alternative is grapeseed oil
  • Cyclic Silicones naturally deteriorate moisturizers and leave a negative effect on environment with issues of safety incorporated. It can be replaced with Is hexadecane
  • Parabens are controversial preservatives used by most companies that claim do not use them. Look out for paraben suffix on packaging. These can be replaced by sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate
  • Hydroquinone is a skin lightener that has been banned in many countries for hyperpigmentation and compromising bloodstream/It can be replaced by arbutin an extract from Bearberry
  • Artificial colorants and dye irritate the skin and can be replaced by more natural colorants derived from plants.

Bottom line

It is not easy to trim down a list of best moisturizers, but our focus was based on popularity of products but most importantly affordability. However, choice on which moisturizer is best for you entirely depend on your skin type.

Is it oily, dry or normal whether it is sensitive or prone to acne? Can you tolerate scent or you need a scent free moisturizer? Is there alcohol, do you like the texture and does it suit your skin type, are you allergic to some ingredients that might have been used in the product you are buying all of these must be considered when finding a moisturizer that is best for you.

The effects of phenoxyethanol cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, there is need to pay undivided attention when buying products through reading thoroughly, researching as well as consulting dermatologists when choosing moisturizers for our faces.

EzoicThe face is the most delicate part of our body which must be taken care of by adhering to all precautionary measures such as avoiding products that may contain phenoxyethanol.

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